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The Gifted: outfoX

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"We have to rescue those people!"
"Have to? You're pretty new here to be telling people what they have to do."

I knew that I was right to distrust Esme.

Okay, so she wasn't working for Sentinel Services. She only wanted to free her family. Still, the way that she went about it was very sketchy. Messing with people's minds? Implanting nightmares? I really wanted to like Esme, but now I'm 80% sure that she's a villain. Or, you know, would be a villain if she was around for more than three episodes. Maybe she'll team up with the siblings next season and bring them to the Hellfire Club.

Yes, the Hellfire Club was name dropped this episode. If you're more familiar with the movies than the comics, that was the organization that Shaw, Emma Frost, and all of them were a part of in X-Men: First Class. Essentially, they're a powerful organization that uses wealth and power to influence all levels of society. And they're what drove Jean Grey to become Dark Phoenix. I'm not quite sure what that means in a world where the X-Men and all mutants have largely been driven underground, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Club ends up being our end of season cliffhanger.

I spent this entire episode thinking that this was the penultimate episode of the season. I was wrong; we still have three more after this one. But it really felt like one, right? Any and all interpersonal drama was pushed aside in favor for the assault on Trask Industries, an attack that left half of our mutant cast in the hands of Dr. Campbell.

As an action driven episode, it was actually very good. The attack on the power station was tense and exciting, especially once (the very, very lucky) Sentinel Services showed up. Of course, Clarice and Dreamer had to be among the four that were captured. They're Johnny's two love interests, and I'm sure that he'll be forced to choose between saving one or the other from the same fate that Pulse had. I did like how they both put the Struckers first, though. Dreamer could have gone through the door with them, but she tried to buy them some time to escape. Too bad it didn't work.

Lauren and Andy's new powers were by far the most interesting part of the episode for me. They're seriously powerful together, aren't they? It makes me worried. All season long, Andy was the one who seemed poised to go down the path of the Dark Side, but now I'm thinking that it's going to be Lauren. She loved feeling powerful, feeling like she could do anything. She was ready to bring the power station down around them without a second thought. It was Andy who had to pull away, who had to remind her that they would be killing a lot of people. Lauren's face said it all: she didn't even consider that.

I almost feel bad for Dr. Campbell. I'm not quite sure that he knows what he's getting himself into.

Random Thoughts

Who else thinks that Reed is going to overcome whatever his father did to him and unleash his mutant powers?

Man, Marcos was throwing up some death flags when he told Lorna that he would make sure that nothing happened to their baby. Please don't kill Marcos. I like him.

Agent Turner got really lucky this episode. The screenwriter was definitely his friend.

Watching Caitlin break down over her children being captured was rather emotionally moving.

Apparently, mutations are mostly random.


Andy: I found this in the library.
Lauren: You know where the library is here? Who are you and what have you done with Andy?
Andy: Ha ha ha.

Ed: Just so you know, we're on the skinny branches here. An unauthorized investigation into a covert facility? If this fails, we're talking to the FBI in handcuffs.
Turner: Then we best not fail.

Andy: I'm a freak because I don't hate my powers.
Lauren: You think I hated that? I've never felt so powerful. It scared me because it felt good.

Every episode, I think about sending up the flare. We're getting there. I just need one more little push.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. I think what irks me the most about the show is the immense level of contrivance required to make the stooges at Sentinel Services come across as a real threat, considering what we know about the mutant team's powers. Blink has to be contrived into not being able to use her powers at every turn. In this episode Andy used his powers once, and Lauren not at all. Newsflash, they don't need to be combining their forces to pose a damn credible threat. The way they just surrendered to SS, especially after that scene where Andy unleashed against that home militia mob, felt really forced.

    I still watch the show though, and I'm actually kinda fond of it at times. I like the cast. I always liked Moyer, I like Winnifred ;) and I've been a fan of Natalie since her stint on Gotham.

    Because I'm always the one bringing up the most awkward things, iirc Fenris in the comics were incestuous. Now I realize the show would likely never do such a thing but if they did, would that turn you off the show? I'm personally torn.

  2. I've been thinking about the potential incest thing as well. I highly, highly doubt that they'll go down that path, if only because Lauren and Andy technically aren't Fenris. Their... what, great-grandparents? are. And the show has definitely implied some incest between those two, so the show has their bases covered.

    Would it turn me off the show? I don't know. I feel like we're in a very different viewing experience post Game of Thrones. For better or worse, that show has almost normalized it. I mean, how many people ship Jon and Dany? I certainly wouldn't be a fan if Andy and Lauren get together. I would probably complain about it every chance I got. But I would probably still watch the show.

  3. I'm sorry but if they're not going to go the twincest route they are doing a bad job of hiding it because Andy and Lauren both like they're a few petals short of going full bloom Flowers In The Attic..They need to separate them and put them with other characters..especially Andy..He is way too dependent on Lauren..


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