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Lucifer: High School Poppycock

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"You know, high school reunion is a very popular torture in Hell."

This was a good episode. This felt like a Season 2 episode, which is something that I will never complain about.

Chloe actually felt like a main character! This is such a beautiful feeling! She got to be nerdy and excitable for once, and Lucifer's complete and utter bafflement at her behavior was a treat to watch. She was simply so joyful, even if she did eventually acknowledge that she enjoyed being a responsible adult. It was nice to see Chloe do something other than roll her eyes and mostly stand in the background.

The case was actually a lot of fun as well. I didn't know who the killer was, and Todd was a great red herring. The actual solution was easy: Chloe just checked the security cameras. But it was fun, and Lucifer is always fun before anything else.

We also got some truly lovely moments between our two leads. You knew that I was going to gush about the prom scene, right? I feel like that had to be a given. It was just so beautiful and sweet and tender that it made my heart happy. I also liked how Chloe was the one who ultimately helped Lucifer with his mental block, even if she did assume that he was talking in extensive metaphors.

I'll admit to having a small freak out that Lucifer implied that he was going to travel through time. The whole idea felt like just a bridge too far for this show, and I'm not sure how well they would be able to pull it off. Whether we go through time or not, Lucifer is still making me nervous. One of his greatest fears, even if he won't admit it, is that God is going to take Chloe away from him. That's exactly what his nightmare was about. I can't help but wonder how God will react if Lucifer actually succeeds in his plan to "cure" Cain. I'm bracing myself for Bad Times Ahead.

So.... the whole Amenadiel/Maze/Linda love triangle was an exact repeat of the last time that we focused on them, right? Didn't Linda break up with Amenadiel at the end of "All About Her?" I guess this is the one that's going to stick? If you're going to have Linda stand up and say that she wants to be selfish for once, then let her be selfish until the end of the episode. I don't know. I'm kind of over it.

Random Thoughts

I've never identified with Chloe more than when she realized that she had stayed up all night reading a book series.

Although it was a little weird that the book was based so closely on real life people. The author knew some really intimate details about them.

Chloe and Ella hang out together after work. When Chloe isn't being a mature, responsible adult, of course.

A British accent is the best accent.

Charlotte is a gift. That is all.


Maze: Linda, this is Todd, your date.
Todd: This is blue lobelia. Native Americans used them to treat constipation.
Linda: Um... thank you?

Lucifer: Well, let's hope so because I need to find the boo - killer. The bkiller.
Chloe: I know that you mean book.
Lucifer: I do.

Chloe: Charlotte, is there any legal way to prevent him from attending?
Charlotte: Well, it's definitely not legal to distract Todd with, say, a bounty hunter. If anyone needs me, I'm going to be in my office. Not hearing the plan.

Lucifer: I'm going to remove Pierce's immortal curse so that he can finally die. There's just one problem, though.
Linda: Just one?

Lucifer: Detective, will you go to prom with me?
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. Much fun. And maybe they finally got the memo about Lucifer and Chloe. (What's their ship name again?)

  2. That particular ship name is so cool that it actually should encourage shipping.

  3. Lucifer's nightmare at the start of the episode is a good clue as to why he is so reluctant to show Chloe his wings. Love how the writers made an episode about writers' block!

  4. Damn you, autocorrect: Chluci.


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