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Supernatural: Various & Sundry Villains

"This is me, learning from my mistakes."

I really enjoyed this one.

First up, welcome back, Rowena! I missed you. And how interesting that this one was all about making Rowena a tad more sympathetic, as well as a lot more powerful.

For me, the highlight of this episode was the scene in the Impala when Sam and Rowena connected as fellow victims of Lucifer. They've both seen his true face, and cannot let go of their fear and feeling of helplessness. Sam keeps pushing it down because he needs to keep the world from ending, while Rowena is searching for more power as a defense. Great continuity, since it took so long earlier in the series for Sam to recover from being locked in the Cage with Lucifer, so it makes sense that he never really did recover. And what do you do about that? Lucifer is eternal. It's supernatural PTSD with no cure.

I wonder if Rowena changed sides because of that moment in the car with Sam? Of course, Sam gave her the pages with the spell on them for the same reason. (I also liked that Rowena was really upset about Crowley's death, even if they mostly hated each other. Again with the "tad more sympathetic.")

The Plum sisters were here and gone, but they were effectively icky, lovely to look at but deeply unpleasant. They enjoyed killing their victims with mallets and removing their souls. I think their complete bloodthirstiness (okay, almost complete because they did love their mom) worked as a contrast to Rowena, who is still a villain but who has acquired some interesting shades of gray.

Secondly, I really enjoyed the boys in this one. Dean was adorable when he was under Jamey Plum's love spell; perfect performance by Jensen Ackles. Dean and Sam wrestling for the gun in front of the Impala was also adorable, not to mention the two of them trying to reach the hex bag on the ground in front of them when they were psychically nailed down. And they capped it off with Sam telling Dean about still feeling helpless when it comes to Lucifer. I still love my boys. They're always why I watch.

Thirdly, Lucifer and Castiel doing Prison Break was a lot of fun. Lucifer has been way too ambiguous-edging-toward-good lately, but as soon as he used rage to recover some of his power, his true self began to emerge. Castiel was ready to use Lucifer to get out of their prison, but totally unwilling to give him some of his grace or trust him in any way. Cas turned it around emotionally by telling Lucifer how positive and good Jack has turned out to be, and it was obvious that Lucifer really, really didn't like that. Honestly, I could watch Castiel and Lucifer banter and fight for hours; they're wonderful together.

I hope this episode was set-up for the rest of the season. Rowena just became a major player, and while the Winchesters could use another powerful ally against Lucifer, I'm not sure if she'll help them or hurt them. Plus, twelve episodes into the season, and Archangel Michael is still waiting in the wings, pun intended. I hope Lucifer wasn't serious about him torturing Mary. I mean, yes, she was in that iron maiden thingy, but other than that.


— The title was pretty much perfect, since nearly every one in it was a villain. And good casting of the Plum sisters. The actresses looked a lot alike, and not just because of their identical hairstyles and novelty tee shirts. Has there ever been an instance where the Winchester brothers fought sisters? Even if it wasn't mystically strong ones?

— Sam does the Sam thing, which is complicated research in foreign language reference books. Dean does the Dean thing, which is go get beer. :)

— I loved the way Brenda the hardware store clerk watched Dean's butt as he was walking away.

— This week: The I-135 just north of Wichita, Kansas, and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

— So love spells cause glowing pink eyes. I was thinking... Lucifer has red eyes, Jack yellow, and Rowena now has glowing blue. Primary colors, like Smallville.


Dipper: "Always thought you'd have a... bigger stick."
Lucifer: "What's your name again?"
Dipper: "They call me Dipper."
Lucifer: "And you let them?"

Ridiculing Lucifer, even when he's behind bars, is such a stupid thing to do. As soon as Dipper did it, I knew he was dead.

Dean: "Be nice! 'Cause she's got a sister. And if you play your cards right, you know, you guys might fall for each other, you know, the less attractive siblings, they fall in love. That's kinda cute, right?"

Jennie: "We should get out of here. In case the one with the hair actually wins."

Rowena: "I've changed. Honestly. Having your skull crushed and being burned alive can do that to a girl."

Sam: "You'd have been proud of him."
Rowena: "Is that so? Fergus was my only child. And I promise you, I'd much rather have a living son, even one that hated me, than a dead hero."

Rowena: "Tell me, did they get to fifth base?"
Dean: "There's no such thing as fifth base."
Rowena: "Oh, you poor sheltered boy."
Dean's look afterward was too funny, like he was intrigued, or just trying really hard to figure out what fifth base could possibly be.

Jamie: "We're doing this for mom. She taught us everything. Sacrificed so much for us. Sacrificed so many people for us."

Rowena: "This is boring. Is there, I don't know... music?"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah. You know, Dean has a tape of Led Zeppelin's Moby Dick with an eight minute drum solo."
I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did.

Rowena: "Are you very sure I can't just enslave some townsfolk and make them take us to the girls?"
Sam: "I'm very sure you can, but I'm also very sure you shouldn't."
Rowena: "Bless your precious heart, you just described my entire life."

Dean: (to Sam) "You're like eight feet tall. You can't reach that?"

Castiel: "This is me, learning from my mistakes."

Dean: "Can't believe I fell for a love spell. And got clocked by a witch with a hammer."
Sam: "And zombie mom. Those are the details that sell the story."
Dean: "Oh yeah, yeah. Getting beat up by a girl, that's a story I want to tell someone."
Sam: "Girls beat us up all the time."
Dean: "Mm. True."

I enjoyed this one the first time through, and just as much the second time. That means it gets three out of four hex bags,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. It was a cute episode and I liked it. At the end I couldn’t figure out what Rowena had done — for a second I thought they were trying to say she had angel grace then I wondered if it was really Rowena or an angel in disguise for some reason. According to social media the next day she’s now a blue eyed cat demon. Or something.

    Dean and Sam tussling was funny and adorable. Sam was trying not too hurt Dean but it didn’t seem Dean was really trying to get away from Sam either, spell or no spell.

    Good review, Billie!

  2. I liked this episode as well. the Plum sisters were a little over the top, but they worked well. And I loved having Rowena back, although the scene at the end was a little weird. Her eyes din't exactly match up with angel eyes, but they looked pretty darn similar. Does she have angel grace now, or what?
    I also loved the acknowledgement of Sam's time in the cage, and how he's just been shoving it down ever since. This is the first time he's ever really told anybody about what happened in the Cage, and even though it happened with a villainous witch, that was good to see.
    Having Rowena upset over he son's death was a good decision. They may hate each other, but they're still family, and she's a witch, not an emotionless demon.
    Very good episode. I liked it.

  3. As Rowena has mentioned since Season 10 the Grand Coven essentially limited or binded her power so she couldn't be at her max power and abilities. It would appear the spell from the Grimoire finally undid that. The eye thing was a little odd but I don't think it's meant to signify anything outside of witch power for the time being. Although some of the stuff with witches in Supernatural has been a bit vague in comparison to demons and angels so who knows if it's meant to represent something particular.

    Castle demosntrated some pretty good sass in this episode. Him torturing Lucifer about his son liking movies was pretty great and reminds me of Angelus' disgust at Angel saving a puppy now that I think about it.

  4. One thing I thought was kind of strange was that Sam & Dean never thought to ask if Rowena might be able to open a portal to Mad Max world with the Book. At first, I assumed that was why Rowena was reappearing.

  5. So many different eye colors in one episode. Everything is color coded for our convienience now.

    Glad they brought back Rowena, Lucifer killing her off-screen was a bit anti-climactic. I wonder what new crazy powers will she have now.

  6. I could take a stab at what Rowena might mean by "fifth base" (although that's not a term I've ever heard used), but I won't on a family website.

    Anyway, it's funnier to assume she was talking about something biologically impossible for normal humans, or just yanking Dean's chain.

  7. I laughed really hard when Dean completely denied having any memory of Becky and the season 7 love roofie. Ditto, Dean. Never happened.

  8. Hi. Enjoyed your review on "Hell House" . idk what season it is but ill get here one day :D

    Hope I find them as lovely as patrick jane ;)

  9. Funny episode, sad that both Sam and Rowena were victims of Lucifer true form. I like Rowena and the whole episode was great with her involvement, and also Jensen knocked it out of the park, when he was under the love spell! Really good episode.


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