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Lucifer: Let Pinhead Sing!

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"I think I've made a horrible mistake."

This was a weird one for me. I was equal parts cringing and grinning with joy.

It makes sense that Lucifer would try to distance himself from Chloe (again) after the events of last episode, and I'm glad that she called him out on it. It gave Chloe a little bit of agency in a storyline that can easily rob her of it. It also made those chunks of the episode a little more palatable for me.

I don't know if it's secondhand embarrassment or if I simply want to knock some sense into Lucifer, but I couldn't help but cringe through his attempts to redirect his attention to the "more deserving" people around him. Getting Ella her Greatest Forensic Scientist shirt was cute (she changed into it!), but everything else was awful.

At least Lucifer realized his mistake by the end of the episode, even if it was a tad too late. Pierce, I don't think going on a date with Chloe was what Amenadiel meant when he said that you could find something like that too. I know that they've been haltingly building up a possible romantic relationship between Chloe and Pierce, but I just can't help but be suspicious of Pierce's motives. That was not a good look in his eye when he was watching Chloe tend to an injured Lucifer.

The case of the week was equal parts fun and confusing. I lost the logical thread somewhere in the middle of the episode when the manager was arrested. I knew that he had to be a red herring, but I didn't quite get the leap with the smoothie or how/why the superfan was set up as a scapegoat to begin with. There were just a few pieces missing for me.

That being said, I genuinely enjoyed the scenes with Axara, especially once Lucifer took over bodyguard duties. Skye Townsend, who played her, can really sing! And the chemistry between her and Tom Ellis was fantastic. Their duet and their conversation on the bed were probably my favorite parts of the episode. Were the parallels between her and Cece and Lucifer and Chloe a little bit on the nose? Yeah, but it's Lucifer. This show tends to do that.

I'd be remiss if I didn't spend some time talking about Linda and Maze. Oh boy. I'm really not thrilled with this particular storyline, even if it did give rise to some great scenes in this episode. Poor Charlotte. She was obviously way out of her depth once Linda and Maze really started to go at it.

I can't help but side with Linda in this conflict. She spent the whole episode trying to apologize. The fact that she gave Amenadiel up should be an obvious sign of how much she truly cares about her relationship with Maze. And yet Maze responds with "Go to hell?" In any other show, those words wouldn't really mean much, but they have a lot of weight when you're dealing with two people who intimately know what that means.

Am I being too hard on Maze? I'm curious if any of you guys are favoring her side over Linda's.

Random Thoughts

How long were Dan and Pierce at Lux? It felt like a weirdly long time for me.

Very questionable moral decisions aside, Dan is actually a really good guy, isn't he? I feel like he doesn't get enough credit.

The "I Will Survive" duet is definitely my second favorite bit of music that they've done all show. ("All Along the Watchtower" from Season 2 is my favorite.)

Oof, Tom Welling can't really sing, can he? But he does have nice arms.

Loved the yellow gift wrapped axe complete with a yellow bow.

How does having access to someone's social media account give you access to their texts?


Pierce: It's just life, you know? It's like this eternal wasteland of meaningless existence. A dark void staring down at you like a beaten dog scrounging on the side of the road just waiting to be mowed down by the next tsunami of crap.
Dan: Wow. Hmpf. Maybe we are all just dust in the wind.

Axara: You know what? I don't think you like me.
Lucifer: Really? Whatever gave you that impression?

Lucifer: The whole Mark of Cain thing was so dreary, so nihilistic. There are better ways to spend my time.
Linda: Oh?
Lucifer: Yes! Well, I could brew my own artisanal beer. Take a nude painting class. Buy that pet shark I've always wanted.

Lucifer: Prop? Please. Mozart, Liberace, Elton.
Axara: Who?
Lucifer: All the greats were my pupils.

This was a good one.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. I called this when Cain was introduced; him realizing Lucifer's weak spot is Chloe, Chloe makes him vulnerable, i.e. if he can fall in love with Chloe he can die. He saw it first hand this episode (Lucy being stabbed.)

    Seems that's the gambit, but if Cain falls in love he may not want to die.

  2. Loved the title of this episode. :) Loved the duet, too. Best part of the episode. And the ending got me all hopeful again that something is *finally* going to happen. It's time for Lucifer to stop distracting himself from what he really wants.

    I'm definitely on Linda's side, not Maze's. Why is she being so unreasonable? It feels like artificial conflict, and pointless. Does Maze truly love Amenadiel, maybe?

  3. I think the person Maze loves is Linda, not Amenadiel. She had never had a friend before. In another episode she refers to Linda as her only friend (much to the annoyance of her roommate, Chloe).

  4. #teamlinda

    Maze and Amenedial were friends with benefits, at most.


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