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Supernatural: The Thing

"It's like a Hallmark movie, but with tentacles."

I enjoyed this one. A fun quest, an unexpected monster, a strange rescue from Hell, what's not to like?

This was one time when the Winchesters' natural chivalry worked against them. There they were at the odd little chapter house in Rhode Island that looked a lot like their own Men of Letters bunker (what a coincidence, and how convenient for filming), a pretty woman in distress called for help, and of course they rescued her, not even considering the possibility that she might be a tentacled monster from another dimension.

(Poor Sandy Porter, whoever she was. Was she still in there, trapped inside her body? I hope not, even when we're just talking a hundred years on a slab in an empty bunker. Not to mention whatever is happening right now in Tentacle Dimension.)

The scenes at Krispy's Diner (great name) were fun, too. It sure was convenient that Marco was working right there in the kitchen and had drugs ready to knock out the boys, not to mention a sharp, scary-looking scimitar. I would certainly keep my own scimitar handy while I was doing my regular shift at a diner. Okay, I'll shut up now, because I'll admit it was nice to see Diego Avila's faithful descendants continuing to do their job as Men of Letters legacies, keeping the monster their great-grandfather inadvertently created while trying to bring about world peace safely down in the hole.

For me, the best part of this episode was how Dean took the possibility of becoming Sandy's interdimensional sex slave in stride, with Ghostbusters jokes and comments about tentacle porn and booty calls. Dean has been through everything; nothing throws him anymore. It was also consistent with Supernatural mythology, since the Winchesters are primo vessel material. Too funny.

Meanwhile in Hell, Evil Colonel Sanders was drunk on archangel Gabriel's grace, and Ketch decided that he wouldn't take getting beaten up and ordered around anymore. Maybe losing a tooth was the last straw. But Ketch is so slippery and evil that I simply cannot believe he's helping the boys simply to be free of Asmodeus. What's the catch, Ketch?

I don't like Asmodeus, and I don't like Ketch. I'm not even sure which of them I dislike the most. But I do like Gabriel, so at least I had someone to root for. So far, no glimpse of the old Gabriel hiding under that bloody, terrified exterior. Maybe once he's settled down in the bunker and recovered his grace, perhaps? Especially now that he can talk again?

I certainly wasn't expecting the boys to finish their ingredient quest so quickly and take off for Apocalypse World, or for Dean to choose Ketch to go with him. It does make sense, though, to keep Sam safely in reserve in case Dean doesn't make it back in 24 hours. And hey, maybe Ketch will die over there and we'll finally be rid of him. I'm okay with that.


— Kick me signs? Really. The height of humor, Dean. Although I could watch Dean and Sam simply hanging out at the bunker all day.

— I really enjoyed the sarcastic waitress at Krispy's who called Sam "string bean."

— Even demons like lolcats. Of course they do.

— This week: Portsmouth, Rhode Island, now and in 1925.


Dean: "There it is. Jinkies."
Sam: "You're gonna stop saying that eventually, right?"
Dean: "I don't know. Probably not."

Dean: "This is what a car looks like now. Well, they should."
Sam: "This, this is a phone... and a camera... and everything else."
Dean: "Welcome to the future."

Dean: "Kale's a garnish."
Sam: "It's healthy. I'm watching my cholesterol, like you should be."
Dean: "Yeah, I'm watching my cholesterol... go up."
Dean usually gets the eating scenes. Not this time, when there were consequences.

Dean: "Okay, I'll play. What's your name?"
Sandy: "Yokoth, star of madness, ravager of galaxies, mother of faceless hordes."
Dean: "Cool. Let me guess. You're not from around here."

Fun was definitely had, and I'm looking forward to next week's sojourn to Apocalypse World. Three out of four scimitars,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. Did it seem like everything happened too quickly? Like the writers were like, let's just get there already.

  2. It also feels like the writers are setting up Yokoth as next season's Big Bad (yeah, yeah, she got sucked back into her own dimension, but like that'll last).

  3. As far as I know Lovecraft is in the public domain so they should just use some of the old gods from his stories not some made up ones. :)

    Maybe that Gabriel is also from another dimension not the same Trickster we knew.

  4. I too wonder if it's a different Gabriel, now nothing against the Winchesters, but when you find a well-pierced person down in a "dungeon", chained up. Shouldn't you ask yourself hey, what gives? Overall Dean handled things well and one last note. I liked his having a bit of Juvenile fun, he needs a bit of humor in his life and it didn't hurt Sam one little bit.


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