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Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Let's go home."

I woke up today to a message from Billie asking if I had seen the latest episode yet. I hadn't, so I sat down immediately to do so. An hour later, we both agreed that this was one of, if not the best episodes that Lucifer has ever done.

I barely even know where to start this review. I had been looking forward to this episode ever since the title was announced. For those of you who do not know, Deckerstar is the ship name for the Chloe/Lucifer pairing. Mostly, I was just curious to see how Lucifer would slip that phrase into a conversation, but I was also hopeful for what the phrase implied. I haven't been shy about my love for the pairing in the past, and I hoped that maybe, just maybe, something would happen on that front.

Now, obviously, this does run the risk of making Chloe seem like she's just on the rebound after Pierce. Lucifer mentioned as much to Linda. But I don't think that that is the case. If anything, Pierce was and has always been a rebound after Lucifer. Chloe basically confirmed as much to Ella when she admitted that everything she did with regards to Pierce, saying yes and then saying no, was because of Lucifer. The poor guy never stood a chance.

Could the pacing have been better? Yes. Chloe did go from engaged, to not engaged, to kissing another man in the span of three episodes. But that's a complaint that I've had all season, so I can't penalize this episode too much for that. My bigger complaint has to do with Chloe finally accepting that Lucifer is the actual Devil.

Don't get me wrong, that moment between them when Lucifer called Chloe by her name and reaffirmed that he was the Devil, evil and monstrous, only for Chloe to tell him "not to me" was absolutely beautiful. It was exactly what Lucifer needed to hear, and the moment was about as perfect as you could make it. Chloe has always seen the good, the humanity in Lucifer, even when he doesn't see it himself. Having her reaffirm that is quintessential Deckerstar, more so than any of the moments that Lucifer tried to recreate. I'm just worried that Chloe still thinks that Lucifer is speaking in metaphors. We've spent so long getting to this point that I don't want the writers to pull Chloe and Lucifer apart again because she freaks out over the fact that he was telling the truth.

But that scene, no matter how perfect and happy it made me, was overshadowed by a different one. Yes, that's right. Deckerstar finally getting back together was not the greatest moment of the episode.

Charlotte Richards has had an interesting character arc to track all season. Her desperateness to do good and avoid Hell often lent itself to many comedic moments, but it covered some pretty heavy territory. Still, it was the story of a woman who was trying to put her life back together. She fought to become a better person and find happiness, and this episode was the perfect encapsulation of that drive.

For once, the case was one of the best parts of the episode. I loved watching Charlotte's drive to do good and right the wrongs of her past play out in such a meaningful and immediate way. Forest Clay had me completely fooled. I thought that Charlotte was overreacting, but she really wasn't. Because of her, she did some real good. Forget tiny victories, this was a sizable one.

There were so many hints and mentions that Amenadiel would die that I became convinced about halfway through the episode that it was going to be someone else. Once I saw that he and Charlotte were sitting together, alone, in the dark, in an isolated place, her fate was sealed. Still, that entire scene where Amenadiel held her when she died was absolutely beautiful. I'm tearing up all over again just typing these words. I was really, really scared that Charlotte would go back to Hell because of her own guilt, and I can't put into words how glad I am that that didn't happen.

What really got to me, though, was when the camera panned down to show that Charlotte was wearing Dan's waffle bracelet. That was the moment where I just absolutely lost it. They had just confirmed their relationship and were obviously very happy together. Charlotte and Dan deserved to have that happiness for just a little bit.

So where do we go from here? I'd imagine that there are a lot of people who will want to answer blood for blood. Dan, for one, but also Maze. Maze had a small moment of redemption here. Did it feel a bit fast and convenient? Yes. But Amenadiel also told her exactly what she's been wanting to hear for awhile now. Maze just wants to feel like she belongs, and Amenadiel gave that to her. Regardless, she's going to want revenge on Pierce for getting the drop on her.

But what about Chloe and Lucifer? I think Chloe's going to feel incredibly betrayed once she follows the evidence back to Pierce, and Lucifer will be enraged once he discovers that Pierce's original target was Amenadiel.

But Lucifer was also looking at Amenadiel's feather with something akin to awe. Amenadiel was right; he was the one who took his own wings away, not God. Therefore, he was the only one who could give them back. God does want angels to judge themselves similar to how humans do. In that case, then the reason why Lucifer lost his Devil Face and gained his wings back was because he no longer felt like the devil, but like an angel. I'll be curious to see how this revelation plays out next week.

Random Thoughts

Did they just write out Amenadiel as well as Charlotte? Or will he be back? I'm torn.

If we do get a Season 4, my one request is that Dan actually finds and gets to keep some happiness. Stop hurting Dan.

I know that Lucifer plays very fast and loose with actual police procedure, but Chloe didn't even question where Charlotte got that list of payments. That definitely can't be used in court.

I'm really going to miss Tricia Helfer on this show.
An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. What a terrific episode. It made me cry, and not just for a moment or two. Just, wow.

    Way too ambiguous, with Chloe telling Lucifer that he wasn't a devil *to her*. Don't do this to me, show.

    Did you catch what Ella called the Chloe/Pierce pairing? "Pecker." Lol.

  2. We've been calling the pairing "Marclo" (And "Marcno") on tumblr, but I think I might prefer "Pecker."

  3. If they did just write out those two characters, wow, that is the way to do it. Memorable and meaningful.

  4. I loved this one.

    First Lucy ep I've loved in a long time.

  5. Tricia Hefter may sill return as Satanic Mom from the AU she was sent in the previous season.

  6. I asked a lawyer I know, who said that because he hadn't been arrested yet they probably wouldn't have to deal with fruit of the poisoned tree on the list. The police were granted entry to his house by someone who had access, that same witness testifying that he was abusive and willingly wearing a wire, and he could have denied knowing about the existence of the bag.

  7. Huh. Thanks, Anonymous! That’s super interesting. I never knew that.

  8. SO i just caught up with the last two episodes and reviews and read this
    ''I just hope that Lucifer doesn't follow the Joss Whedon School of Destroying Happy Couples Via Death''

    Safe to say Charlotte's death is all Honest fangirls fault:)

    Maze was bearable for the first time in about 5 episodes...I don't know whether to be annoyed or impressed that the writers were able to make Maze so unlikable in such a short space of time after being in everybody's top 3 characters.

    Really wish Chloe saw Amenadiel fly off at the end there...and just turned to Lucifer and said 'explain'...I wont be confessed she knows the truth and accepts it until she sees wings or the face. They could still find a way to reverse his 'devil' confession.

  9. Great review 100% agree... I think we will see Lucy go full fury as the devil when he punishes Cain for his actions, let's remember Lucifer always said he's not evil he just punishes those who are .

    Ps not forget maze I'm sure Lucy will feel betrayed by her but will forgive her or send her back to hell as she wanted

  10. Such a solid episode. God the ending...I'm still crying. It was just emotional when she asked him not to leave her and I just got to thinking that isn't that what everyone wants? Not to die alone? To have people they care about who care about them regardless of how weird that relationship is and how crazy it started?

  11. Wonderful episode. And Lucifer, trying to hit the reset button, starts by playing The Way We Were on the piano.

  12. Just as I was starting to wonder if Lucifer is worth my continued investment of time, this episode rolls in...and i agree it might be the best episode they've done. One of Lucifer's hallmarks is the way that the show's cases parallel the personal lives of the main characters, but it often either comes across as a bit forced, or the cases themselves are rather perfunctory. This time the case was actually pretty compelling and Charlotte's determination to make amends for her past added emotional heft to it. And the final scene provided a perfect ending for her storyline (though poor Dan), which has been the strongest thread of a so-so season.

    My only complaint is that Lucifer still hasn't shown Chloe his wings. I mean, he was all set to show her his devil's face months ago, so why the hell not? And the fact that he's only told her the truth, not shown it to her led her to ignore his warnings about Pierce. I think she'll be angry when she inevitably learns who and what he really is, and that Lucifer collaborated with him when he knew he was the Sinnerman. She's got to find out, right? I expected them to see Amenadiel fly off--seemed like a golden opportunity missed in an otherwise great episode.

    One other note. I don't know how I'd feel about this episode if I were Orel Hershiser who was the Dodgers pitcher who pitched a shutout and was series MVP the year Gibson hit the home run that brought them the World Series.

  13. Lucifer doesn't lie, he cant reveal himself to Chloe with his wings as an Angel because he does not consider or feel himself to be one.
    Lucifer and Maze are incredibly frustrating but I like how slow their emotional and finding identity journeys are pushed. To me it adds realism that they cant just overcome millennias worth of behaviour.

  14. Josie, I have to admit that I'm laughing as your comments get shorter and shorter as we go.

  15. I'm saving up a long, ranting comment for the end of the season. :-)


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