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The 100: Red Queen

"We didn't survive just to kill ourselves."

We got to learn what's happened in the bunker and I'm not sure I was altogether ready for it.

We were underground for practically this entire episode. I thought it was a pretty poetic choice since, Clarke and Maddie can see into the sky and Bellamy & Co. can see the ground. It makes sense that when we catch back up with them, we can do it together in one episode. The undergrounders have been completely cut off from everything. There is no sight or smell or feeling in their sphere of existence that doesn't come from inside those walls. It's an isolated world they're living in.

I find what's happening with skaikru underground interesting. Everyone is (more or less) reverting to who they were on the Ark. It starts with Jaha and Kane. They are already calling for another culling. Ouch. Didn't Clarke teach you anything? There's always a choice. On the Ark, Abby stole blood to save Jaha's life and came up with the plan to send The 100 to the ground all in a way to save Clarke. Without her daughter to fight for she now has all the time in the world to take her frustration out on Kane. It wasn't even until she was handcuffed in the greenhouse and facing possible death that she could even consider opening up and making peace with him. I liked her calling him out. He definitely saved her out of love and selfishness and not for whatever reasons he's been rationalizing to himself.

Octavia refused to consider a culling because she knows what it's like to be on the short end of such a finite decision. When it was about which clan would have the bunker, she couldn't leave any clan out. Her decision was one of inclusion. Now that she is in charge of individuals, the same feeling applied. She isn't keen on handing out extreme punishments. She doesn't want to create orphans or forget that people are human or put any little girls under the floor – so to speak.

Since there were too many people to feed and she couldn't bring herself to decide who to kill she made a decision that worked for her conscience. Becoming a warrior is what saved her or at least gave her power back. It made her who she is today – someone that has the ability to take care of herself. When she learned to fight she was able to take decision making in her life away from the chancellor and her brother and decide for herself. So she's given her people that same opportunity. A fight to the death to save your life.

I still have questions.
Does everyone have to fight eventually? Or just when you commit a grievance against the clan?
Are they eating the dead? Floating them isn't an option.
Did Kane try to revolt? Where is Abby?
Why does the food underground look like stew and the food on the Ark looked like snot?

"Red Queen" was more of a continuation of the premiere than it was it's own episode so it seems unfair to rate it differently, but I liked this hour more overall so...
4 out of 5 stolen blankets

Bits and pieces

Remember when The 100 reminded us of other movies and TV shows?? I was getting a lot of The Walking Dead in the prison vibes during "Red Queen."

I love that someone brought a guitar to the cafeteria takeover.

In my extremely professional opinion seeing Clarke and the outside, even though it was just for a moment, did a lot to break the claustrophobic feeling of being stuck in the bunker. I think they did it to make sure that we understood the connection between what the undergrounders were hearing and what we saw Clarke experience in the premiere. Still I think it broke up the confinement they were trying to make us feel.

Is there bleach in the bunker? I guess they don't have to worry about rats but the smell can not be good. Ick.

Nyla: "Safety is overrated. I'm with you."

Indra: "That red blooded commander saved your life and the lives of everyone in this bunker. Your real commander would've let you burn."

Octavia: "You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose. You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose. You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose. You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose. You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose. You are one crew or you're the enemy of one crew. Choose."


  1. I know this is something I've said before, but when did Octavia become so awesome? That scene in front of the farm door was memorable. And I loved how Indra's daughter told Octavia to confront everyone and take control while she was covered with blood.

    So Jaha's gone. I really felt nothing. Never liked him. Won't miss him. So much for that.

  2. "So Jaha's gone. I really felt nothing. Never liked him. Won't miss him. So much for that."


  3. They suprised me in finally freeing us from Jaha. Woner who else will finally die this season.

    I just realized that Niylah is the same actress as Dale Bozzio on iZombie. The CW is just one big family. :)


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