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The Originals: Don't It Just Break Your Heart

"I'm interested in you because you're the most interesting."

The only words I have are expletives. So many excited expletives.

I went into this episode all prepared to for another blah installment. But whoa. Not blah at all. A practically pristine reminder of the story-telling that made me fall in love with this dysfunctional lot in the first place.

So what did I love the most?

-This being the final season I'm glad we still have time for flashbacks. 1930s Germany. It was colorful and flamboyant and a lot of fun. I'm sort of sad that we'll never get a flashback of Klaus' first art class but that'd probably be in some dank cave anyway.

-And while we're here, I'm equally as thankful that Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan were able to play real brothers for at least one last time. These deeply layered sibling relationships are the foundation of the show so I'm greedily hoping for as many more as we can squeeze in.

-The continuity. Rebekah was daggered in Chicago after falling hard for Stefan. We first learned about this back on TVD. This means that she will stay in the coffin until Klaus eventually shows up in Mystic Falls. I can't remember if we already know precisely when Elijah and Klaus had their last falling out before we meet back up with them.

As far as Greta and her insane posse, she certainly is filled with hate. I'm assuming both of her kids are in on this. Shockingly, or maybe not so much, I'm kind of okay if Antoinette turns out to be in cahoots with her crazy mom. Klaus will wind off killing her either way and I'd rather it not destroy him. And then there is hope and the baby bro. I am 0% invested in either of them but how classic TO that such a large piece of this puzzle was right under her nose the entire time??! Simply great.

Unlike Klaus I'm not convinced that this family is a dangerous enough threat to end our series with, but they have successfully infiltrated the whole family and kept an alpha hybrid hidden, so what do I know?

Being able to tie so many of these loose strings together back into the central plot gives me hope that TO is going to go out the same way that I fell in love with them.

3.5 out of 5 expletives

Bites and pieces

How sweet that Elijah had compelled people to help those trying to escape Germany in the 30s.

I thought moonstones were supposed to be like hard to find or something.

August is dead right? Greta talked about him in a way that made me think he was still around andAntoinette said that her stalker was sent by 'him' but dude lost his heart.

Greta: "I'll call it what it is. A dirtying of my species, which diminishes the pure and superior nature of vampires."
Well now, I'm getting how the Nazi iconography came to be included in this story. Greta was as horrible as I'd imagine a hate-filled prejudiced vampire to be. Kudos to the actress.

Klaus: "Rise and shine, nightwalker nation."

Greta (quoting August): "The lack of vision will be his downfall."

Marcel: "And what did you do to him?"
Klaus: "What makes you think I had any piece in this?"
Marcel: "Couple hundred years of history."


  1. My first thought was, are they really doing Cabaret?

    But I'm cool with this because Elijah hasn't been written out after all. He's my reason for watching. Go back to Hayley, Elijah! Of course, they'll have to find her, first.

    Josh got beaten. It feels like Josh should be a noncombatant.

    That thing Klaus said about the eyes on his fingers like olives made me laugh out loud. And then I thought about it. He would have to be referring to modern olives from a can, wouldn't he? Because old fashioned olives that he would have known for a thousand years wouldn't have convenient holes in them for his fingers. I have too many thoughts, don't I?

  2. Automatic olive pitters weren't invented until the 19th century, but prior to that they were often pitted by hand - either so they could be stuffed with something, or just for the convenience of lazy rich people with servants. Pitting by hand left a similar hole in one end of the olive.(Pimiento-stuffed olives, similar to the ones we have now, date back to at least the early 18th century. Although both jobs are done by machines now, they were originally both pitted and stuffed by hand.)

    All of which is to say that I doubt a medieval Scandinavian like Klaus would have encountered olives at all in his human life, but he would have probably encountered olives with holes many times after that.

  3. The Shadow Knows, laugh out loud. I consider myself corrected. What a wonderful little bit of knowledge I didn't have before. :) :)

  4. Glad that Elijah is not written out, but not so much about his new girlfriend maybe being evil.

    I think stuff that was hard in the beginning seasons being very easy in later seasons should be a TV rule.


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