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Farscape: Coup by Clam

And now, on Farscape...

Before this series gets all dramatic once more, we pause for this little romp on another strange and far out planet.

At this point of season four, things are kind of a drag.  Aeryn's wistfully seeking John's attention, the crew are put into a new and wacky situation, and the viewer (namely me) is impatient to get to the great episodes that are ahead of this strange story.  In order to proceed with alacrity – I present a short review of pros and cons.


We learn the fascinating fact that Sikozu only eats ten times a cycle. That's not even once a month, or whatever that measure of time is on Farscape.  She must save a lot of money and time that way.

The doctor, a creature named Tumii, is a whimsical homage to the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The scene where the doctor sticks a probe into John's nose is quite funny.  Not going to hurt at all, John.  Yeah, right.  Nice scream, though.

D'Argo's amusingly fed up with their various antagonists always giving long expositions of their master plans.  D'Argo just wants to pay the doctor, to get the cure, but the dude won't stop villain-splaining.

Noranti ate the same mollusk as D'Argo did, so they have to hold hands while the cure is taking effect.  To make it even better, Noranti starts chattering away, wanting to have a nice long talk, much to D'Argo's dismay.

Aeryn and Sikozu are captured and tied up, back to back.  There's really not that many scenes between those two, so at least in this episode we have the pleasure of watching them working together.  They are both tough cookies.

Scorpius saves the crew, earning much needed brownie points for going to such gag-inducing lengths to cure everyone.

Sikozu shows some compassion – when she volunteers her finger, instead of Aeryn's, to be cut off. That's one of the few good moments, in this whole thing.


Finger-cutting scenes, or any deep blade cut, always makes me queasy.

This show sure likes its fart jokes. Also, silly sexual situations and urine. Enough already, it's past time to get to some real drama.

The part of the story with Crichton and Rygel in drag... I just can't. The plot goes from bad to worst.  John looks exactly like he is – a man in a dress and wig.

To make a yucky plot that much worse, Rygel bites the nose off the doctor.  Eww, gross.

This production is capable of so much better than this. It's not helping the series keep its viewers.

The good times are about to roll, fortunately.  Some pretty exciting things are just around another bend in space and time.

One out of five of Noranti's urine potions.

Mallena wants the potty humor to go away now, please.


  1. Other for Scorpius manning up and saving the crew (again!) this has to be the pits, the bottom of the barrel, the lowest of the low, the festering heap of nothingness that was probably watched by the TV Network and studio bosses, who decided based on that one episode to can the show completely!

    I have to say season 4 has been mostly dire up to and including this episode. One or two bright moments easily forgotten in a sea of boring standalone crude. If I was a studio exec wondering what Farscape was all about and spent the last few weeks watching back2back episodes of season 4 only, he or she would probably just storm out half way through and call the accounts department to cut the funding for anything beyond this lame season.

    While I was watching this, I was flicking between channels to a political debate about Brexit (which won't mean much to many people outside of the UK). Such was the tedium of this episode that I found myself spending more time watching these political windbags talk and talk and talk absolute shite rather than flick back to Farscape.

    In the words of the late great Michael Jackson, this was B.A.D

  2. I concurr with Diane C's assessment of this one completely.

    John in drag is an image neither i nor anyone needed to see. He is super sexy in his leather trousers or form fitting space suit; but is the most unconvincing woman ever!He looked like he should have being playing the ugly step sister in an awful cindarella pantomime.

    And yet again too many bodily functions. I mean seriously the antidote is drinking a ship mates pee, it was embarrassing this is a story someone felt the need to tell.

    5 out of the 10 episodes so far in season 4 have had no real contribution to the larger story or character development. Id say 7 except that the Arnesk ones have relevance later on. Opportunities to fill in gaps in our characters journeys were missed for weak stand alone episodes like thie.


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