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The Originals: The Tale of Two Wolves

"Spoiler alert, dad is the villain and you’re the evil henchman."
"From one very biased perspective."

One left. And I've got the same look in my eye as Hope here.

Everything about Hope finding Hayley in the spirit realm was really lovely. I even cried. I appreciate that as much as they have tried to drive it down our throats that Hayley had moved on from Elijah that she is still waiting to dance with him again. And since I'd rather eat glass than watch the spin off, I can pretend that Elijah will one day be reunited with Hayley and get that dance. Instead of prehating his inevitable new life interest.

The real emotionally charged kick in the teeth though was between Hayley and Hope and even a little of Klaus. She was so heartbroken when she realized her daughter was on the wrong side of the living and in true mom mode she used those precious moments to deliver a pep-talk and bestow wisdom and forgiveness and love. And she was so heart-crushingly relieved when she heard Klaus' voice fighting to coax Hope back. Hayley Marshall was a truly exceptional mom. The whole thing chilled my bones.

Also, there was a roadtrip to Mystic Falls. Caroline, Alaric and their twins all made appearances.

1 out of 764,348 white oak stakes.
(764,348 because apparently that's how many exist)

Bites and pieces

Does it make me petty that I feel a certain twinge of justice at the idea that the Klaroline shippers will possibly as miserable as the rest of us when this is all over? Ah well. Just call me Petty Mayonnaise.

Stefan Salvatore's diary is on display? Do you think he wrote about Elena? Elena who is still alive and maybe doesn't want personal tidbits laid out to be scoured by teenaged legacies? Weird.

It was almost cute that Hope and Elijah shared practically identical sentiments about spending the day together. I guess more of their parallel storylines in their grief and anger will be explored in that other show.

Did anyone think that waiter guy looked a lot like Roman, the nazivamp leaders son?? Like I'm still not convinced that it isn't the same actor.

Hope was super cute as a little baby wolf.

I got a giggle out of the idea that Josie or Lizzie went inside and asked why their mom was so upset at the idea that the stranger would die.

Hayley: "I forgive you, Hope. And I know that you're scared, and I know that you're sad, and that's okay. What happened this year was about hatred and ugliness that was born long before you and long before me. I need you to fight this, Hope."


  1. Actually, I'm a bit of a Klaroline shipper. :) And yes, I'm unhappy about what they're going to leave us with. It was a complicated and interesting relationship.

  2. I adore the idea of Klaus and Caroline. And Hayley and Elijah. Things don't bode well for any of them. Mostly because TPTB couldn't possibly let anyone have a happy ending. Except Damon, who somehow got the happily ever after.

  3. The big question is will they have the guts to kill Klaus off. I'm leaning towards "yes".


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