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Midnight, Texas: Head Games

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"Sedona doesn't hold a candle to the energy in Midnight."

Full honesty here, I did not expect this show to get a second season. And I would have been okay with that. Midnight, Texas had flashes of a great show, except that it was so inconsistent that it felt like it would never really reach its full potential. But we did get a second season, and with a new executive staff to boot.

So, I told myself "one episode." I would give myself one episode to see if this was something that I wanted to continue to review.

I still don't know the answer to that. "Mind Games" was good but not great. It felt more like a hard reset. Some elements that didn't work, like Creek, were removed, most lingering storylines from last season, like Manny's demonic cancer, were taken care of, and the place was cleared for new characters to take center stage.

None of this was bad. The episode moved through everything that it needed to do efficiently and competently. It just also didn't necessarily give me anything concrete to really look forward to. Kai, the new healer/preacher in town is interesting, although I'm already worried that his character is getting a little muddy. He can obviously work real magic and miracles. He's implied that he's had an interesting life with many run ins with the weird and mystical. Rev is impressed enough by him to immediately believe in him and what he can do. But then he also has a demonic looking shrunken head that he talks to. That's a lot of things to deal with at once.

I'm actually more interested in his wife, Patience. I always have a fondness for "normal" people who exist and live closely with people who are gifted or special in some way. Their stories are always the more interesting ones, especially when they delve into the negative feelings like jealousy or poor self-worth. We didn't really get a lot of her this episode, but I want more.

The rest of the episode had to deal with Manny's demonic cancer. I had a feeling that Zelda wasn't actually Zelda about midway through, but it was still great to see her. I was honestly expecting it to be a long running plot, but I guess solving it now is in keeping with the grand Midnight, Texas tradition of solving problems far too quickly and easily.

At least we had a lasting consequence. Creek is gone, off to the big city to be a writer, which isn't surprising to anyone who keeps an eye on casting news. This is what brings me to my reluctance and hesitance about this show.

I couldn't remember Creek's name until it was spoken on screen. I couldn't remember a lot of people's names. Not even Fiji, who is one of my favorite characters. That worries me. Yes, it's been over a year since the last episode, but I should still be able to remember one of my favorite character's name. That's my issue. I don't care enough to keep writing, even if Francois Arnaud continues to impress me.

So, will I be back with another review next week? I don't know. I guess that'll depend on how good the next episode is.

Random Thoughts

It's been two months since last season.

Wow, there was a lot of sex in the opening few minutes. Do you think they're trying to be darker and sexier or something she asks in her sarcastic voice?

Another new character that we saw briefly: a human demon hunter who's name I honestly forgot. I liked his technological approach to ripping out hearts, though.

Olivia and Lem now have a psychic bond due to her drinking his blood last season.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies. 


  1. I have this episode on my DVR and haven't felt compelled to watch it yet. Maybe I'll wait and see what you think of the next one?

    BTW, your sarcastic voice sounds a lot like your regular voice. :)

  2. Darn sarcastic voice. That settles it. I have to become even more sarcastic. Just to differentiate them, of course ;)


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