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The Good Place: The Ballad of Donkey Doug


This week on The Good Place, the Soul Squad gets into action, but saving people's souls is no easy task, and saving people from the Soul Squad members is even harder.

Well, it wasn't that hard for Tahani, since her dumping of Frank didn't even make it to the screen, but Chidi had the hardest time thinking of how to let Simone go. They can't risk her learning about the points' system and losing her shot at going to the Good Place, so Chidi needs to end his relationship with her.

Janet runs a simulated reality for Chidi to practice breaking up with Simone until he has found the best way to do it. It's a fun little gimmicky that mimics some of the magical elements of the fake Good Place, elements which have been mostly MIA this season. It's also a great opportunity for William Jackson Harper and Kirby Howell-Baptiste to display their comedic abilities and onscreen charisma. The highlight was definitely when Eleanor took over Simone's avatar, giving Kirby the chance to play Eleanor pretending to be Simone and Eleanor pretending to be Janet wearing Simone's face.

Eleanor does help Chidi with some handful advice, though, when she says that Simone's life is bigger than their relationship and that she will get over the breakup. Eleanor is right, and even though Chidi misses the mark when he tells Simone it's all over, she deals with the information quite well. I liked how, in their post breakup meeting, she acknowledged that it was rare of Chidi to be that certain about something and she respected that. And I respect her for being so level-headed and noble. She is just awesome.

I so hope this isn't the last we have seen of Simone. Do you hear me, show?

Elsewhere, in Florida, Jason, Michael and Tahani tried to save Jason's dad's soul. Jason's father is the man he has always referred to as "Donkey Doug", and he is as dumb as Jason, maybe dumber, which explains a lot. Donkey Doug and Pillboi's latest entrepreneur plan is to create a product that is both a body spray and an energy drink. It's the worst idea ever, so of course Jason thinks it's brilliant. Michael's and Tahani's reactions through the whole family encounter are a must.

Back in the first season Jason's dumbness was too much for me, not my type of comedy at all. But either in late season one or early season two, I started to fall for Jason and now I can't think of this ensemble without him. He is part of the unit. This episode showed what a great heart he has, willing to replace his father in a robbery so that his father won't get more negative points. I also liked the reversal, when Donkey Doug gave himself up to the cops so that Jason would have a chance to escape. The whole situation also proved that saving people's souls is quite tricky, and it didn't take much for the Soul Squad to realize that Donkey Doug was a lost cause. The silver lining is that they were able to set Pillboi in the path of righteousness, which was a nice, positive conclusion to their first mission.

Now, I'm thinking, if the Soul Squad is doing all these good deeds despite knowing that they are doomed anyway, aren't they getting positive points? I mean, their motivation isn't corrupt, since they believe they can't escape from hell. They are being extremely selfless, devoting their lives to the greatest cause possible (in the show's universe). So that means they still have a shot at going to the real Good Place, right?

Bits and Pieces

- I have to admit that sometimes I miss the magical setting of the higher (and lower) places, but with the characters shinning brighter than ever, that's something I can overlook.

- From ding to jazz, Janet has been excellent this season.

- Tahani name-dropped Elon Musk and Sting.

- What was happening there?

- Janet revealed that Eleanor's mother is alive (she faked her death). I can't wait to see Eleanor reunite with her awful, awful mother.

- The most important mystery of the episode: what was happening to dogs at Donkey Doug's house? I'm concerned.


Janet: "None of your exes have gotten over you."
Eleanor: "You damn right they didn't."
Janet's reaction: priceless.

Janet: "Why is it that every time a new thing is invented, humans immediately try to use it for porn?"

Michael: "Do you spray it on yourself or do you drink it?"
Pillboi: "You both it."
This falls under the category of worst puns ever. Michael's face said it all.

Donkey Doug [to Jason]: "Honest work? Whatever, Dad."
Tahani: "You're his dad."

Tahani: "You know, reach for the stars, as I said to my good friend Elon Musk. And then he shot his car into space. What a weird creep. Why was I friends with him?"

Janet: "When the system boots up, you might find yourself in a steam room with Jason, who will be wearing an old-timey strongman onesie. It's a bug in the system."

Three out of four energy drinks that are also body sprays.


  1. I kept wondering what exactly they could do with this show, given the storylines set up before, and I am always amazed at the twists and the fast pace. I agree, now that we have met Jason's father we understand him much better. It is strange that the character who is certainly by far the most criminal is in many ways the sweetest.

  2. I loved this one. They never do what I think they're going to do, but it's almost always perfect. Why is that?

  3. PillBoi actually is a Pill Boy, Genius!!


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