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The Gifted: afterMath

Review by An Honest Fangirl

"I don't believe in dreams. I believe in Corn Flakes."

After taking a week off due to the World Series, The Gifted is back to show the, well, aftermath of the Inner Circle's assault on the mental hospital. Seriously, these episode titles are always so on the nose.

I was hoping to see the Inner Circle's perspective of the raid, but it was not meant to be. Instead, we saw both factions dealing with the repercussions of what happened. Honestly, the only issue that didn't really get addressed was Andy and Lauren's stand off. It was mentioned a few times, but that was it. Instead, the focus was on the former patients, if they can even really be called that. Who knows how many of them suffered the same fate as Glow and were just put there because they couldn't get a prison conviction?

I guess I'll start with Glow then, which is what the subtitles called the woman who could make the balls of light. (I'm not sure if she was ever explicitly named.) She had a very pretty, harmless power, but it was still enough to land her in what sounds like literal hell. I can understand why after going through that, she and the others would want to find a community to belong to, even if that meant branding your face and living in the sewers.

I'll admit that I still don't see the appeal of living like the Morlocks do, but they are an interesting side to the whole mutant debate. Erg sees both the Mutant Underground and the Inner Circle as fools who won't actually accomplish anything meaningful. To him, the only viable answer is to live completely separate from humans. That's the only way that they can fully and safely embrace who they are.

His conversation with Clarice at the end, the one where he called her glorious, was very interesting. We already know that she's been annoyed recently about having to cover up her appearance. To have those feelings be reaffirmed and validated must have been a very powerful feeling. Are we heading towards Clarice leaving the Mutant Underground in order to join the Morlocks? It honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point.

Though I'm not sure if John would be able to handle that. It would just be another failure to him, like Michael's death. It was a little heartbreaking to see him so set on saving his life only to fail at the end. The only thing that I didn't like about those scenes was Caitlin and her actions. They just felt like a complete 180 from how she has been acting previously. The determination to stick to her path and not let anyone stop her was the same, but the path felt very different.

It probably also doesn't help that I really wanted to snap at her when she yelled at John about letting Andy go. He didn't let Andy go. Andy fought his way out, hurting Lauren, his sister, in the process. Seriously, Caitlin, you really need to wake up and realize what's going on here.

I don't know. I just get the feeling that Caitlin and Jace are going to annoy me all season. Although, granted, they are for different reasons. I think Jace is supposed to annoy me, as he and the Purifiers are almost more of a villainous force than the Inner Circle is at this point. Honestly, I would probably have more fun with it if he just completely embraced the fact that he hates mutants and will stop at nothing to destroy them. The flashes of discomfort that he has, like when the doctor was being beat up, still make me think that the writers are hoping to redeem him at some point. I don't want Jace to be redeemed. We did that song and dance last season and it didn't really work all that well.

Finally, we have the Inner Circle and the mutant that they rescued last time, a teenage girl named Rebecca, who can turn things inside out. And who is definitely not entirely stable. She took way too much pleasure in destroying that cop car. Lorna knows it, too. In fact, she seems like the only who even suspects it.

I don't necessarily blame Andy for missing it, though, considering how flirty and romantic they were. Their romance does feel like it's moving very, very fast, but I did enjoy the two characters playing off of each other. And the date to go get milkshakes was very sweet, even if I wanted to scream at them for using their powers so brazenly in public.

I suppose the real question now is: What exactly is the Inner Circle's plans? They obviously need to get into a vault of some kind, but why not just have Andy obliterate it? What's inside that's so important that it absolutely cannot get damaged? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Random Thoughts

I really like how each mutant has their own unique hand gestures for how they activate their powers.

Was this really the first time that Clarice has been called Blink?

Reeva was away... somewhere. We weren't really told where. Definitely not on vacation, though.

Also, I just really like the color arrangements of the photo up top. The film major in me wants to draw some kind of connection between the colors of the outfits and how devoted each character is to the Inner Circle, with the Frost Sisters obviously being completely committed, Lorna not really committed at all, and Andy falling somewhere in the middle.

An Honest Fangirl loves superheroes, science fiction, fantasy, and really bad horror movies.

1 comment:

  1. Show keeps being my favorite for the fall of 2018, really.

    Everytime I watch an ep I'm awestruck by how pretty the Frost sisters are. It probably doesn't help my fave girl on TVD was Caroline.

    I like Andy. He's turned out a good character.

    Only bad thing is Blink and the Morlocks are boring me senseless so I fast forward all their scenes :)


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