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About Us: Baby M

Next in line for our holiday Q&A is one of our newest Agents of Doux, Baby M!

What area of the world do you live in, and what do you do in real life? (Because we all know you don't make any money doing this.)

I live in a rural county seat in Northeast Ohio. I’m a decommissioned school teacher who became an attorney so I would have something to do while I figure out what I really want to be when I grow up.

What show or shows are you covering for Doux Reviews? Why those particular shows?

Manifest, because someone had to. It’s the sort of show that this site does so well.

Which TV character do you identify with the most, and why?

That’s a tough one. At various times in my life, I would have said Montgomery Scott, Frank Furillo (Hill Street Blues), William T. Riker, Chris Stevens (Northern Exposure), and Harold Finch. Don’t know who it would be right now, probably Ben from Manifest.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

Time travel. I’d go back several decades, buy new automobiles (paying pre-inflation prices with post-inflation dollars), then bring them back to the present and sell them as pristine, low-mileage collectibles. The profit margin would be astounding.

What's your favorite television show of all time? (Okay, top few will do if you can't narrow it down to one.)

Person of Interest, the best-written, best conceived, best acted series of all time.

What is your favorite reality show, and why?

Deadliest Catch, because it’s real reality, not the contrived stuff.

Marvel or DC?

First Comics, publisher of Nexus, Badger, and John Sable, Freelance back in the day. My current favorite is the web comic The Meek.

Cats or dogs? Or is there some other animal involved?

Dogs. Cookie the Dog seized power in a coup d’etat in 2005 and rules our lives with an iron paw.

What random skill would our readers be surprised to know you have?

I am a volunteer audio engineer, and intermittently a model railroader.

What is your most wished for holiday gift?

A 1963 Studebaker Avanti with the R2 supercharged engine and a four-speed manual, turquoise with the turquoise interior.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

The name “Baby M” was pinned on me by a couple of law school classmates. I still get called that whenever I run into anyone from my class.


  1. I know we have some teachers here at Doux (actually, I taught a grad class myself once upon a time) but a lawyer? We have a lawyer on our team? That's very cool! :)

  2. A school teacher to an attorney is a pretty cool jump - what kind of cases do you specialize in then as a lawyer?

  3. Man, we have a cool spectrum of real world jobs going on behind the scenes here.

  4. Yesterday on Facebook, one of our readers commented that we're all just a bunch of cats who write reviews. :)


  5. Out of curiosity, was that TOS-era Scotty or TNG-era Scotty you identified with?

  6. TOS Scotty, of course. I also had a serious crush on Uhura.

    Since I wrote my answers, I've been offered a job by one of my clients and will be disengaging from my law practice. Guess I have figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

  7. I figured you probably weren't old enough to be feeling 'Relics' just yet, but you never can tell on the internet.

  8. We have another dog person!? I'm not alone!?

  9. One of my favorite, almost useless, questions to ask people is where and when they'd time travel to given the opportunity (and safety not being an issue). I've never gotten your fascinatingly practical answer before.

  10. First of all, why didn't I think of time travel! The implications are infinite!

    Secondly, a fellow Person of Interest fan! All of my friends would just nod and smile whenever I brought up my love for that show! They never understood it's awesomeness. I'm glad I'm not alone.


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