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About Us: J.D. Balthazar

Next on the list of our holiday Q&As is J.D. Balthazar, one of our Doux veterans. He's been writing for us since 2010. !!!

What area of the world do you live in, and what do you do in real life? (Because we all know you don't make any money doing this.)

I live on a space station that obits Jupiter’s moon Europa, and of course most of my day is spent dealing with Rygel and Chiana who keep us at that oh so important altitude.

What show or shows are you covering for Doux Reviews? Why those particular shows?

Doctor Who at the moment. I also reviewed Arrow for five seasons, and maybe a dozen other shows for at least an episode. The reception out here is crap, and is why I'm always late.

Which TV character do you identify with the most, and why?

Probably Ray from Legends of Tomorrow. I'm smart but I don't always get the joke right away and I'm never the coolest person in the room. Oh, and of course I'm a tech genius, I live on a freaking space station of my own design.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

I live in space, why would I need a super power... on second thought I would like to be able to survive in a vacuum like Supergirl. Hell, I would take all her powers and probably not devote my life to saving others. Or maybe I would.

What's your favorite television show of all time? (Okay, top few will do if you can't narrow it down to one.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's still number one even if there have been plenty of shows that are very close to the top. There's probably a dozen in that second slot, though.

What is your favorite reality show, and why?

The Great British Baking Show used to be, but Grand Designs might've taken its place. There's something very honest and satisfying about watching a project from beginning to the end, and the host is wonderful.

Marvel or DC?

Um... that is really hard. Right now I'm probably more of a Marvel fan since the movies are so much better. Still, I'm holding out hope that DC gets its shit together, and the Berlanti-verse stuff is pretty good.

Cats or dogs? Or is there some other animal involved?

Do Rygel and Chiana count? On Earth it was always cats, do I need an explanation?

What random skill would our readers be surprised to know you have?

I'm an astronaut obviously, but that's more of a life choice because of the whole living on a space station thing.

What is your most wished for holiday gift?

Honesty, I left Earth because of the crap politics. So my Christmas/Holiday gift would be for things to work out enough for me to return home.

This has been fun. Now I have to go and talk Rygel out of using a wrench to pound the air compressor into working order.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Europa. Now I have someone to stay with. :)

  2. Another cat person and another Buffy fan. :)

    You should totally stay in Europa for the time being. Things are not looking up on Earth.

  3. I'm just jealous he gets to hang with Rygel and Chiana!


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