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iZombie: Death Moves Pretty Fast

"I'm untouchable."

After weeks of events that felt more like the start of something rather that the beginning of the end, ‘Death Moves Pretty Fast’ started us on our way towards resolution of five years’ worth of insanity.

Blaine has spent four plus seasons getting away with, amongst other things, murder. After Al discovered the mask used in the Baracus’ assassination video in Blaine’s home last week, she uses every snooping trick in the book to get the details she needs in order to finish her tell-all expose on the glorified drug peddler.

To summarize, she overhears Liv and Ravi rant about Blaine being a "teen murderer"; she gets more than one drunken confession from Don E about all the debauchery he’s been party to; and last but not least, she found out about his past romance with now-mayor Peyton Charles. We haven’t seen much of the fallout Peyton will inevitably face, other than her sad realization of what’s about to happen to her and her career, but we did see Blaine in a rare moment of panic after he found out that his dirty laundry has been made public in the most explosive way.

I love Blaine, and I love how extra his antics have been, but it’s extremely satisfying to see him finally get his just desserts. Now that we’re episodes away from the close of the series, it only makes sense to see the trademark antagonist finally face the consequences of his many, many crimes. He may slink out of this one though, even now. I’m guessing Ravi’s own secret about Isobel’s brain providing the cure also becoming public knowledge will play into Blaine’s escape plan in some way. His ears practically jumped off his skull when he saw the notification flash up on his screen.

It’s sad to watch Ravi come to terms with the horrifying future of innocent kids being pursued in the hopes of using their brains to save the thousands of zombies all desperate for a cure. It was a total inevitability that it would slip into the general public at some point, but Isobel’s mother unknowingly dropping the details in an interview is almost more depressing because there’s nobody to blame for it. All we can hope now is that Ravi will be able to find a more humane way to save the thousands being persecuted in New Seattle. I’m assuming Dr Collier at the CDC will help him in some way. She’s been radio silent since the premiere.

While the events I’ve already talked about were more than sufficient in pushing the season’s larger narrative forward, the case taking place throughout the episode was actually a lot of fun. Whether intentional or not*, the decision to make Liv and Ravi the main crime-solving duo was pretty great. The case itself was predictable, right down to the guilty party, but it folded in nicely with Al’s pursuit of Blaine. Philip Bolden was a great guest star, too.


*Clive injured himself off-screen before he appeared for the first time (he slipped on Slippery Nipple, LOL), which I'm assuming was a way of keeping Malcolm Goodwin off his feet since he might have gotten injured irl?

CHICS stuck again, and polluted the brain supply with Alzheimer’s brains, which Enzo used to his advantage to pursue his own elitist agenda. Major caught him though, and put him on ice for being a sneak.

CHICS also masterminded a breakout of all of the zombies Fillmore Graves had on ice. What is their endgame?

He Said, She Said

Blaine: "We all know you can't lock me up. Not when I'm the only thing keeping the city's zombies from starving. I'm untouchable."

Ravi: "Blaine lies, cheats, steals, kills and prospers. Meanwhile, I can't even prevent a bunch of dying kids from being hunted like dogs."

I still feel a little in the dark with regards to the goal this season is working towards, but the decision to tie it back to past seasons feels more in line with what I expected from this final run of episodes.

8 out of 10 Alzheimer’s brain tubes.

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