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Supernatural: The Rupture

"That's my boy."

No spoilers on the front page...

Rowena has become a big part of the Winchester evil-fighting team. I am going to miss her. In fact, I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I cried when she fell into that rupture, echoing what happened to Sam in "Swan Song." If I'm this upset about losing a long running supporting character, how am I going to deal with the end of the series? Seriously, I'm actually getting worried. Maybe I'd better start hitting the Xanax now.

Can I say how much I loved that it was Sam with Rowena in her final moments? They've bonded so much over the last couple of seasons because of what Lucifer did to them both, and the prophecy that Sam would be the one to kill Rowena could have put paid to that closeness. Maybe Rowena had some idea that this was where things would ultimately go in the end. Maybe she had already made her peace with it; she didn't seem surprised. It was Sam who was surprised. Ruth Connell and Jared Padalecki did a lovely job with her final scenes. Beautiful.

Rowena has been in 32 episodes, starting back in season ten. At first a convincingly evil adversary and then as a counterpoint for her son Crowley, Rowena has slowly moved into a believable redemption arc as she has reluctantly, then willingly helped the Winchesters fight evil. Her blood, her final breath… when her body breaks down, the ghosts will be released right there in Hell. Does this mean she has just trapped herself in Hell forever? Is the massive thing she just did enough in the way of redemption after three hundred years of evil? Will we ever know?

As I said in last week's review, Rowena and Ketch were both evil characters that I initially disliked who turned, who became major assets to Team Winchester, even though they always managed to retain their original evil flavor. While it was overshadowed by Rowena's passing, Ketch also died for the Winchesters, for the forces of good. The first time through this episode, I cried for Rowena – but the second time, I couldn't help crying for Ketch in his final moments, too. And I have the same question as I did for Rowena. Did Ketch redeem himself? Was it enough? Is he in Hell now? Will we ever know?

Belphegor's secret game was so not a surprise. He wanted to rule Hell, as well as everything else. Of course he did. And I won't miss him. But Castiel burning out Jack's body was upsetting. Even more upsetting is that Dean didn't seem to care about the possibility of Castiel being trapped in Hell. Would Dean have simply left him there to rot? Please say it isn't so.

Chuck's "ghostpocalypse" is over, and the Winchesters won, but at a heavy cost. All of this death does leave the story with Dean and Sam alone again, though, and since it's the last season, I can't be too upset about that. Although I totally expect that we'll see Castiel again. And Jack. The Empty would be too big a dropped plot thread. I'm sure it is going to come back into the story before the End.


— The mentions of Crowley made me sad. A little reminder that he was Rowena's son. As if we could forget. There was also mention of Lilith; it was her horn thingy that Belphegor wanted.

— The hospital was told that Ketch was injured in a hunting accident. One could call it that.

— They spent a lot of time in a crypt with the name Carver on it. Since all of you reading this review are fans, I don't have to tell you who that is.

— I wish we'd heard more of Castiel singing Enochian.

— This week: Harlan again, and the MoL bunker.

— Rowena's swan song mauve dress was pretty impressive. Just the sort of thing you'd want to spend eternity wearing.

— We're getting an early break, maybe so that we could stop crying. The next episode airs November 7.


Rowena: "We're all going to die."
When she said that, I thought, is that going to be the way they end the series?

Dean: "This whole mess, you know, this sloppy ass ghostpocalypse, that's Chuck's ending? No. No, I don't think so. After everything that he has put us through? I'll be damned if I'm going to let some glorified fanboy get the last word."

Belphegor: "That's the longest you've ever looked me in the eyes."
Castiel: "You don't have eyes."
Belphegor: "True."

Ardat: "Such valor. And for what? One profoundly irritating demon? No. I think you're protecting others. Humans. Your friends. And you won't give them up? Not for any price?"
Ketch: "Not at any price."
As last words go, Ketch, not bad at all.

Castiel: (entering Hell) "It's awfully quiet down here."
Belphegor: "Yeah. Too quiet. (Castiel looks at him) Sorry, I thought we were doing a bit."

Rowena: "I know we've gotten quite fond of each other, haven't we? But will you let the world die, let your brother die, just so I can live?"

Castiel: "Jack's dead. Chuck's gone. You and Sam have each other. I think it's time for me to move on."
Please, no.

Any episode that makes me cry gets four out of four resurrection sachets. Since this episode made me outright sob… well, you get my drift,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I too will miss Rowena. She grew on me. Ketch, not as much, although I am glad he went out as a semi-good guy. I'm glad we're out of the ghost plot, I didn't really care for it. I'm having a hard time getting into the season - but wanting to , since its the swan song.

  2. I think I will have to wait until further into the season to watch this one. Perhaps I will watch the next episodes and then double back. Too difficult.

  3. Yes, that was a really sad episode. Rowena was (or still is?) one of the best multifaceted characters of the last seasons.To think that not so long ago we saw her as a chained, unwilling ally. Now we are all teary and full of sympathy toward the red-headed witch who started as a woman with no scruples, but eventually became a true friend and died a heroic death.
    As we have each and every of the characters either dead or profoundly unhappy- what now? Jack is in the Empty, Chuck is deeply frustrated, and Cas is nowhere to be seen. Who's gonna move the plot? My take is on Chuck who seemingly lost half of his power and tied to this world through Sam's identical wound. It opens some interesting choices for Chuck, and I can't wait to know how he's going to sort out his problem. And there is also Adam- Michael with his own agenda. This season is fun!

  4. Yes, I was sobbing too. I loved Rowena. She was always a fave of mine. Can they please bring her back at the end? Can they transfer her to heaven?

    So, now I am up to date. I've been home sick so I have been binging seasons 12,13,14 just in a few days. I feel emotionally exhausted, just not because of this brilliant episode, but the whole run. The storylines these last seasons has sooo reminded me of Buffy. The hunters all gathering at the Winchesters like the Potentials did, Jake being the son/brother as Dawn was the sister, losing Mary like Buffy lost Joyce. You all know what I mean...

    I wonder how it all will end. How is Sam's wound connected to God? Will it end with Sam taking over Chuck's place? Will Sam be God? Will Chuck end up in The Empty? Will Castiel be in charge of heaven? Will Dean rule the Earth. Maybe Rowena will rule Hell? No, I want her to go to heaven...

    Oh, I wish I could binge the rest of the season, but I guess we will have to wait...

  5. Oops. Typo. Of course I meant Jack not Jake.

    And I really really wish they bring hem back to, I liked the kid!

  6. TJ, glad you caught up.

    Sooze, I know what you mean -- there's a feel to this season that is really bothering me.

    Anonymous, they *have* to wind up the Adam thread somehow. I'm sure they will.

    Heather1, I hope you'll hang in.

  7. (Best decision of the pandemic: start watching "Supernatural" for the first time. Can't believe I've made it to the final season, but I figure I should start commenting now or never...)

    This episode made me both excited and terrified about what the rest of the season will bring. I'm excited that after a couple of iffy episodes, this season is officially firing on all cylinders. But I'm scared because this felt like at least a midseason-finale level of epic, with multiple character deaths, so it makes me worry even more about what other characters we'll lose by the end. That was an awful lot of heartbreak for just episode #3.

    I was also a latecomer to the Rowena fan club, but she slowly became one of my favorite characters. I'm glad she had a suitably heroic and mythic send-off, but I'll miss her. (Has anyone ever put together a collection or a of all her outfits? That satin gown is way up there on the "top 10" list.)

  8. Mothra, welcome to Supernatural! Honestly, if I hadn't done it a couple of years ago, a pandemic watch would have been perfect.

    I feel the same way about Rowena. Didn't like her at first, grew to love her. As might be obvious from the reviews. That gown was indeed gorgeous.

  9. Before I read your review, I need to scream aloud in my head...This episode was so cruel in so many ways! Cas dying, Belphegor's true motivation coming to light, the fact that poor Cas was forced to "kill" his son! Then still be treated like dirt by Dean!??! Dean is grieving I get that but he was so COLD towards Cas and Cas has done his damnest to always be there for the selfish bastard! Dean is not the only one to lose his friends, family, etc but he's so wrapped up in his pity party that he's pushing away everyone! I just want to scream and say YOU aren't the only one suffering!!!! Wailing and Wailing till nothing more can come out...darn this show!

  10. Sobs, sobs and more sobs. This show rips out one heart... I will miss Rowena and I felt like she died a hero just like Crowley and Sam did in season 5. Yes, even Ketch died a hero and I never thought I would even like him.


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