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The Good Place: Chillaxing

“Get your shirt together, cause we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“Chillaxing” sees Eleanor all too willingly torture her ex-boyfriend. Also, Michael invents a new word.

Jason was really the star player of the episode. In order to save the experiment, and thus, the world, he tells Chidi he is not Jianyu the monk but a Jacksonville DJ who is not supposed to be in the Good Place. Seeing them interact was definitely the most fun of the episode. Chidi is petrified they’re going to get caught, but, of course, Michael and Eleanor know what’s going on. It’s a weird sort of look at season one through Michael’s eyes. The humans, or, in this case, just Chidi, panic and scramble looking for ways to hide their deception, unaware that everything has been designed this way.

Performer of the week hands down goes to the beautiful and talented Kristen Bell whose breakdown into tears nearly made me cry. She realizes what has been obvious to Michael and to the audience, that she was all too eager to torture Chidi because he broke her heart.

Elsewhere, Tahani attempts to better John by pampering him. Tahani is my favorite character, but this part of the episode dragged. I just don’t see anything redeemable in John’s character. He’s mean, vindictive, and petty. And the ultimate realization that he was only like that because he felt lonely? Newsflash, we’re all lonely. It’s the human condition.

My theory about Janet still holds water, in my opinion. If you don’t follow us on Twitter, my theory is that the Bad Place switched Janets at the end of “A Girl from Arizona, Part 2.” Go back. Watch the end of the episode. It’s weird. Here, we see Janet give ultimately unhelpful and oddly violent advice to Tahani. I would guess that the mysterious, hooded figure making its way towards the Neighborhood is the real Janet, having escaped Shawn’s clutches.

Potential Game of Thrones characters based on Tahani (Spoilers for GoT)

Ladylike Sansa comes immediately to mind, as does Dany, as her determination to be queen matches Tahani’s determination to social climb. While it would be weird for George R.R. Martin or the writers of the show to know Tahani this well, The Hound is a possibility as Tahani is constantly overshadowed by a sibling. Renly and Stannis Baratheon are also decent choices for that reason. Bronn is another social climber that might fit. Tahani came back from the dead like Jon, but obviously, no one on earth knows that. Who else might fit the bill? Cersei Lannister? Lyanna Stark? Loras Tyrell? Ooh, Loras Tyrell is a good one. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The Good Quotes

Tahani: “I haven’t encountered this much resistance since I tried to get Timothée Chalamet to go out into the sun.”

Chidi: “I made God cry?!”

Jason: “It just felt really good to be brainy and have a useness.”

Three out of four exploding motorcycles



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