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Supernatural: The Trap

"This is what comes next."

I didn't want to review this episode. And when I don't want to review an episode of Supernatural, something is seriously wrong.

We've always known that the Winchester brothers were headed for tragic deaths like nearly all hunters, so why was this so awful? Because secretly we were hoping that they would escape their fate?

In the casino (no irony there, huh?), Chuck managed to free himself of the wound that tied him to Sam and to the world, and showed Sam the way things would end if Chuck were taken off the board. It wasn't just the Butch and Sundance version of going down fighting – it was Bobby and Jody killing Dean and Sam because the boys had finally become monsters themselves. Chuck basically convinced Sam that Chuck's very existence keeps monsters from taking over, that there was no way for them to win. Was this attempt really their only chance to defeat Chuck? Is it all over? Were all of those visions really the actual deaths of other Deans and Sams? That's awful.

The only upside of this episode was that their side trip to Purgatory to pick up that ugly phallic blossom made Dean finally forgive Castiel. I always like it when Jensen Ackles gets to emote, to explain what is going on in Dean's head. I just thought it was weird that Castiel's capture and escape was off screen and all exposition.

Well, there was a second upside. We got a flash of The Empty at the end, and Billie telling Jack, "It's time." Time for what?


— Benny died a long time ago, killed by other vamps who didn't trust him. Sad. I thought we'd see him again.

— If Chuck and Sam were connected by the wound, how come the horrible scalpel probing that Chuck forced Eileen to do didn't hurt Chuck?

— Does Castiel still bear the Mark? Will it kill him, which is what happened in the future Chuck showed Sam?

— Eileen finally left. At least Sam gave her a decent kiss goodbye. Take care, Eileen.

— This week: The Lucky Elephant Casino in Milford, Nebraska; and Purgatory.


Chuck: "How are you still like this?"
Sam: "Like what?"
Chuck: "This! Defiant!"
Sam: "It's not my first time on the rack."

Chuck: (to Sam) "You still think that you're the hero of this story."
Because he is, Chuck.

Dean: "I think we're going around in circles. We've seen this corpse before."
Cas: "No, Dean. My sense of direction is excellent. That's a different corpse."
This struck me funny. I don't know why.

Sam: "What happened to Butch and Sundance? Dean. What happened to going out swinging?"
Dean: "We lost, brother. We lost. I'm done."

This review is late and relatively short because I did not like this episode. Here's hoping that we've hit bottom and an upswing is coming soon,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I assume that, now that Chuck has his full powers back, Jack is being summoned back as part of some plan to get the Winchesters to kill each other.

  2. I'm not sure, but I thought Sam stopped Castiel from getting the Mark, because of what he'd seen in the future. My daughter and I were debating whether that's really the future without Chuck, since He's the one showing it, and he has shown himself to be an unreliable narrator.
    My daughter is convinced that they will imprison Chuck permanently and Amara will be the new God. For myself, I prefer not to speculate. I will say that what I want more than anything is that Heaven will be restored, will allow the people to interact with their real loved ones (not just facsimiles), and that Dean and Sam will get to see cameos from all of their loved ones from the series at the end. (I really want to see Ellen, Jo, and Ash again at a Heavenly version of Harvelle's.) And if it isn't too much trouble, I would like to see a quick shot of Bela, writhing in eternal torment.

  3. I know it's not the show's MO to have a happy ending, but I'm hoping that somehow all of this dread and doom is leading up to something peaceful at least.

    Dean's prayer to Cas was lovely and affecting. I thought it was odd though too that they didn't show what happened to Cas in Purgatory. I even thought for a second that he had been replaced by a Leviathan, but then kiboshed that because Cas is pretty unique in his ways :)

    Dean immediately believing Sam when Sam said he believed Chuck's future visions was also such a change. They trust each other completely and without question now.

    I wondered about the scalpel thing too. Sam shot Chuck with the "Equalizer" gun, and the gun was designed so that what happened to the person being shot happened to the shooter, right? Sam flinched when Chuck touched his wound in an earlier episode this season, so maybe it's that what happens to Chuck happens to Sam but not vice versa? So with the scalpel thing, because it was happening to Sam, it didn't affect Chuck. If Chuck had been stabbed, Sam would have felt it. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, definitely wondering where this is all going. Almost halfway through the season and we still don't really know how it's going to end.

  4. Can we talk about how there are no Casinos in Nebraska because it’s illegal? Come on writers.

  5. I was puzzled that they didn't bring Benny back. Since they've been sort of running their way through all the past characters, I figured that was the pointing of sending Dean back to Purgatory. And I didn't like this much either, mostly because I didn't see any particular reason for Sam to believe the visions Chuck was feeding him, though it's nice that Dean FINALLY trusts Sam's judgement.

  6. I didn't like this episode either. Did like Dean and Cas interactions but agree it was cruel and pointless in a way... Future forward Nebraska does now unfortunately have casinos here, grrr. Nothing else to add.


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