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The Expanse: A Shot in the Dark

"Don't worry I'll see for the both of us."

Death slugs. Why did it have to be death slugs?


With the surface now completely flooded, everyone is settling into their new digs. As before, the two groups have set themselves up in separate camps that are way too close for anyone's comfort. Supplies are low, tensions are high, and things are about to get a lot worse for everyone.

Okoye has discovered that the green, itchy stuff in everyone's eyes are in fact micro-organisms. They are thriving in the current conditions and very soon everyone will go blind. Everyone, that is, except for Holden. He's the only one who seems unaffected and there is no obvious reason why. Apart from his connection to Miller, there's nothing even remotely special about Holden. No wait, isn't he supposed to have bits of all his parents' DNA? Could that be why he's seemingly immune?

This news forces Murtry to play nice and share his supplies. Murtry may not be a very complicated villain, but he certainly isn't a dumb one either. He knows if fighting breaks out now his people are just as likely to shoot each other as the Belters. But the most shocking reaction to this latest crisis actually came from Amos, who looked like he was the verge of having a panic attack when Holden told him what was happening. I don't think we've ever seen Amos this spooked before. Why is the prospect of losing his eyesight so triggering for him? It's very likely something tied into whatever trauma it was that meant he hasn't felt fear since he was five. Amos' past is still shrouded in mystery, but what little information we have been given has not painted a pretty picture. Growing up in Baltimore has left him broken, but maybe not quite so broken as he believes. He remains very protective of the weak and vulnerable. He tried his best to comfort the young boy who'd lost his parents and, in the sweetest moment of the entire season, took his hand and offered to see for both of them.

But it turns out that impending blindness is the least of everyone's current worries. Their new sanctuary is slithering with death slugs. Yes, bloody death slugs. Okay, this feels like a one crisis too far for me. This is where things are getting a little absurd. This is where Graham Chapman shows up in an army uniform and tells you to put an end to all this silliness and be sensible.


Up in orbit, Naomi is trying to help Lucia and Felcia mend their relationship. She lost her child because of some bad choices, she doesn't want Lucia to go through the same pain. Naomi and Alex are basically taking turns being family counselors for this Belter broken family, which I don't mind because it is always nice to see Alex get more to do than just fly this ship. But all this free unprofessional therapy isn't going to matter if they can't save the Barb. Lucia has actually come up with a plan, but the way things have been going lately I have a horrible feeling it is going to end in death and disaster.


The election is not going well for Avasarala and her marriage is struggling as a result, but if I'm completely honest I couldn't care less about either of these storylines. They both bore the hell out of me, which is why I'm glad the focus is starting to shift away from election and onto something more interesting, namely the hunt for Marco Inaros.

Earth has gotten hold of the intel that Marco is maybe hiding on Pizzouza. The military gives Avasarala two options, either they destroy the ship with a missile strike, killing everyone on board including Marco (if he even is there), or they send in a marine team to take the ship and capture Marco. Avasarala rejects the first option because killing an entire ship full of people just to maybe get one man is obviously horrible, not to mention it would give Marco exactly what he wants: Inners killing innocent Belters with impunity. So she sends in the marines instead, hoping that a captured Marco will set an example for other Belter pirates and show the people of Earth that no one escapes their justice.

The raid on the Pizzouza feels like it is meant to recall the infamous raid on Osama bin Laden's compound that resulted in his death. We see it primarily through the reactions of the officials gathered in the situation room as they watch body-cam footage of the marines sweeping the ship. However, unlike the Bin Laden raid, this one does not go according to plan. Marco is nowhere to be found and soon the crew start shooting back. Seconds later the ship explodes, killing the entire crew and all the marines. The cause of the explosion isn't immediately clear, but I'd be willing to bet the farm it was a booby trap set by Marco.

Notes and Quotes 

--Nice to see Prax got a little mention. I miss him.

--Murtry really is a complete Burke. All he cares about is the money he can make off this venture.

--I sense a "Be careful what you wish for" moment in Dr. Okoye's future.

Avasarala: "Jesus Christ! I sound incompetent. I wouldn't fucking vote for me."

Okoye: "I have bad news."
Holden: "It seems to be contagious."
Okoye: "It's not the only thing."

Three out of four death slugs.

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  1. I'm also curious, with a touch of serious dread, about Amos' past. He's such a compelling character. Maybe it's smarter for them to hint about the horror of his past without telling us too much.

    Okay, this feels like a one crisis too far for me. This is where things are getting a little absurd. This is where Graham Chapman shows up in an army uniform and tells you to put an end to all this silliness and be sensible. Laugh out loud, Mark.

  2. « Murtry really is a complete Burke.» - strange coincidence - just saw Aliens yesterday... I’m betting it’s about 10+ years since I saw it last time. The comparriso was fitting :)


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