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Supernatural: Galaxy Brain

"This is Winchester stupid."

Apparently, Crisis on Infinite Earths is catching. No coronavirus pun intended.

Chuck's monologue in the Radio Shed on Earth-2 was too funny, even though it was also apocalyptic. All those flatscreens with pictures of mountains and deserts and oceans and different versions of Dean and Sam and Castiel. Chuck has decided to destroy all of the worlds he created, except for one – the one with the "real" Dean and Sam. What is it that makes this particular set of Winchesters the real ones? Were they the only Winchesters that discovered that Chuck was playing with them?

Dark Kaia's story was a dropped plot string, and it has now been tied up. Was this a plotline they had planned for the spinoff if it had been successful, Dark Kaia bringing her Earth-1 doppelganger back to life and the two of them switching places? It's too bad that Dark Kaia decided to die with her world. Twin Kaias might have been fun. With only nine episodes to go, I hope this is how they plan to wind up Jody Mills and the Wayward Sisters, making vegan lasagna and being a family, and maybe Claire and Kaia will have the chance to fall in love and be happy together. Please?

I hadn't noticed that Jody and Castiel had never met. It was a small thing, but I really liked the two of them, essentially Claire's parents, finally meeting and interacting, and that Castiel asked Jody to stay behind in the bunker during the mission for Claire's sake. That was lovely.

And so was Jack. He overheard that Claire had loved Kaia and it was what made him stand up to Merle the reaper and disobey Billie's orders to dreamwalk once more. Jack may still lack his soul, but he feels like the Jack of old, doesn't he? He's still "Winchester stupid," doing the right thing even when powerful supernatural beings have ordered him to stand down.

As a librarian myself, I love the idea that the books in Death's Library write themselves, and that even Chuck has a book that he himself can't read. It's his only weakness. Except junk food. Billie seems to be a reliable higher being, although that whole debacle with the Ma'lak box does indeed make me wonder. Will Billie indeed end up reaping Chuck? Would that be after Jack mops the floor with him, or will it be a team effort that includes the Winchesters?


— What exactly is a "Galaxy Brain"? I think I know, but I'm still not entirely sure what it means or how it relates to this episode.

— Thank you for bringing Yadira Guevara-Prip (Kaia) back for one more episode. She was my favorite of the four young Wayward Sisters, and I was bummed when the Kaia of "our" world died.

— This week: Sioux Falls, Earth-2, and Dark Kaia's earth, which I'm assuming was not the same Earth. Earth-2 had two moons, and of course, Hillary Clinton was president.

— This episode was directed by our favorite archangel, Richard Speight, Jr.

Supernatural had to shut down production like so many other shows right now, so we are almost certainly not getting the series finale in May as planned. It's obvious that the universe simply won't let this show come to an end.

-- One of my favorite tweets this week:


Radio Shed guy: "I take it you're unsatisfied with your viewing experience at home?"
Chuck: "You have no idea."

Chuck: "It's time to clear the board. All the other worlds, alternate realities, the subplots, the failed spin-offs… it's time to start cancelling shows."
Wow. Nothing meta about this at all, huh?

Dean: "Chuck wanted Cain and Abel, and now we're going all biblical on him. Killed by his own grandson. That sounds right to me."

Dean: "How you feeling about this?"
Sam: "Honestly? Feels like we're taking a big, probably stupid risk. Feels good. Disobeying cosmic entities, doing the dumb, right thing? Feels like we're back."

A good episode; I enjoyed it. Three out of four infinite earths,

Billie Doux has been reviewing Supernatural for so long that Dean and Sam Winchester feel like old friends. Courageous, adventurous, gorgeous old friends.


  1. I'm worried. Apparently there is two episodes left to shoot. What if they will never find the time to end the series? What if the whole series will end with a cliffhanger at episode 18 and we will never get to see episodes 19 and 20?

    My worries aside, it was great to have Supernatural back. And, as usual, great review Billie.

  2. TJ, thanks. I'm pretty sure we'll get an end to the series, but I bet it will be awhile. Is anyone remembering the Buffy third season finale?

  3. I wish the actress playing Billie were typecast as Death (or any other deity) - she's gorgeous!
    What is Galaxy Brain, please? Please?

  4. "What is it that makes this particular set of Winchesters the real ones?"

    I think Chuck has implied (or maybe outright stated, I can't remember) that their universe was the first one he made. Hence all the other universes being "spinoffs".

  5. TheShadowKnows, could be. I'd gotten the impression that Chuck had been creating and abandoning universes for a long time, though. Would it maybe be the last, instead of the first?

    Unknown, I'm still hoping someone can explain the Galaxy Brain thing to me. :) I did a Google search and that just confused me.


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