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What Are You Watching?

The kitchen!  The manicure! The sweater!
Y’all know what we like to watch. We review those shows and movies here at Doux Reviews. And we all learned what everybody is reading right now in last month’s “What Are You Reading?” thread. But now it’s time for the big question: what are you watching?

I’ll get the ball rolling with my recommendation: Nadiya Hussain’s Time to Eat, a competence-porn food show set in a Nancy Meyers-worthy kitchen. You probably remember Nadiya from The Great British Baking Show. Now she’s back on our screens with time-saving hacks, tasty recipes, and even some low-key research into where some food comes from, all available on Netflix.

(Although I still don't understand what golden syrup even is. Is it like British corn syrup? That they make in the Thames?!)

I have never watched “how to cook” shows, but Nadiya’s plucky attitude and colorful clothes are exactly what I need right now. Nadiya’s show reminds me of the best of pre-quarantine life: busyness, communal meals, and bothering to do my nails and my eyebrows. During quarantine, it reminds me of what life might still become: meals around a table with other humans, talking to people about food and other things, and optimism about the future.

Oh, and her chicken shawarma recipe is absolutely awesome.

And now I'll turn it over to you: what are you watching? What are you thinking about watching? Hate-watching, binge-watching, background-noise-watching? Check back regularly for recommendations, too!

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. I am in re-watching mode.

    So far I have revisited Dark Angel, Wonderfalls, Miracles, Legend Of The Seeker, Sanctuary.

    I am currently on Buffy season 6 and plan to move on to Angel after that.

    I am also thinking of attacking Stargate SG-1 later on, all 10 seasons!!

  2. I just watched the first season of The Society on Netflix, a show about a high school graduating class who go on a class trip, come back, and find themselves alone in their small town -- and the town is now surrounded by miles and miles of empty woods. It's sort of what Persons Unknown was supposed to be, and wasn't. I was intrigued enough to watch the entire season and a second season is coming.

  3. Husband and I just watched the first episode of the Netflix version of Lost in Space. It was pretty good; we'll certainly watch a few more.

  4. Just finished: The Plot Against America (alt history fiction), Devs (10100110), Picard The Android, Little Fires Everywhere

    Currently: Outlander, Westworld, new Penny Dreadful (so far not sure bout this one), Killing Eve(!), Tales From The Loop (a quieter, more character driven Black Mirror)

    In the queue: For All Mankind (got 1/2 way through, wanna finish), The Society (I liked Persons Unknown so I’ll add this one)

    Hate watched: Manifest (why oh why was my butt in the seat every Monday for this turkey with repeating tropes for drinking game ammo, and characters that have one foot glued to the floor? I’m embarassed but if I confess that I watched it maybe I can sober up and move on)

  5. Outlander at the moment. Finished the second season of Altered Carbon recently.

  6. The family is collectively watching Smallville (in S5 now) on borrowed DVDs, and Kim's Convenience on Netflix. I'm mostly watching movies these days, but I did watch the first season of Vida to help me practice my Spanish, while it was free on Amazon. Didn't help much, but I liked the show.

  7. Barry and Schitts creek. Been meaning to get around to them for ages

  8. Lyle's Golden Syrup (also known as light treacle) is another of Britain's great contributions to Western civilisation. It is syrup made from cane or beet sugar, unlike that disgusting corn syrup stuff that will not be mentioned further. It is lovely on or in cereal, pancakes, Yorkshire pudding, coffee, and pretty much anything to which you want to add something sweet.

    As to watching, we're finishing up Tales from the Loop. Watched Counterpart awhile back. Going to do Picard so we can dump CBS All Access before they charge us. Need to do the latest Killing Eve. Also need to do the second series of The End of the F***ing World, and the new show, I Am Not Okay With This. Also recently re-watched the first series of James Burke's Connections, and have started on Jacob Bronowski's awesome The Ascent of Man.

  9. I keep hopping from thing to thing, I feel so restless nowadays. Right now it's The Clone Wars and Call the Midwife, mostly. Just finished HBO's Catherine the Great. It was very boring which is odd considering how interesting Catherine the Great was and how awesome Helen Mirren is. Eagerly awaiting The Great on Hulu. Speaking of Hulu, has anyone else checked out Mrs. America?

  10. I'm currently watching the Tiger King. Not a lot of sympathetic characters but the story is fascinating.

    When I'm done with that, I'll watch the second season of After Life. If you haven't seen it, I heartily recommend it - it's a dark comedy about a man who's lost his wife and decided to stop caring about everyone and everything. But while this sounds terrible - and there are indeed a lot of sad parts mixed with very black humor - the whole thing is actually quite uplifting and beautiful in the end. I wouldn't have thought Ricky Gervais had it in him. Plus it's only twelve episodes so far (six per season), so not a big commitment.

    I'm also planning on watching the third season of Westworld but I'll wait until all the episodes are out.

  11. Michel, I watched Tiger King too because I felt like it was all anyone was talking about. It's a rough watch, though. Particularly if you're an animal lover like I am.

  12. MICHAL. Sorry about that. TJ, I watched some vintage Buffy last night. Made me want to put on lipgloss and buy 90s sunglasses.

  13. billie, i liked outer banks, but i didn't get hooked until the very end! i do remember e-mailing you last year and asking if you'd review the society.

  14. lisam, that's right -- it was a year ago! I guess I should have tried The Society sooner. If the second season measures up, maybe I'll do season reviews.

  15. I just watched the 1st episode of S01 of The Society. It's pretty darn good so far, and I usually don't get too enthusiastic about teen drama. A bit of Lost S01, some Lord Of The Flies, maybe a dash of Into The Pines, as well as Persons Unknown.

  16. 1. Deep Space Nine (S04)
    2. Farscape (S03)
    3. Babylon 5 (S03)
    4. Stargate S-1 (S04)
    5. Sliders (S05)
    6. Highlander (S02)
    7. The X-Files (S04)
    8. Buffy (S03)
    9. Smallville (S04)
    10. Lost (S04)

    All but #4, #6, and #9 are re-watch.

    Plus, watching Ozark with my partner at night.

  17. I'm woking on season 4 of the Last Kingdom.

  18. I just inhaled 3 seasons of Shadowhunters and the second season of Altered Carbon. I've been searching for the next thing. I think it might be October Faction.

  19. After running through Peaky Blinders I decided to watch something less violent and binged The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I highly recommend it! After that, I finished the latest season of The Last Kingdom, which I prefer over Vikings if you’re into that genre.


  20. Vikings
    Star Trek Picard
    Star Trek Discovery
    Blue Bloods
    30 for 30
    Gangs of London
    ...so far...

  21. Binge watching old favourites in lockdown - so far: Sharpe, Lost, Farscape, Continuum and Battlestar Galactica, while keeping up with the current seasons of The Last Kingdom, Better Call Saul and Westworld.

  22. Just rattled through both series of Miracle Workers with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, really sweet, funny and quirky show for those who loved The Good Place!


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