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Orphan Black: Manacled Slim Wrists

"There will come a day when you need us."

Krystal is back and, as usual, she is right by accident.

This episode was a bit of a filler, at least the A plot. We had Krystal back just so we could learn that Dyad is planning to experiment on basically everyone through cosmetics. Fun was had with Krystal doing a very bad / very good job at interrogating Len, but I was so ready for Sarah to replace Krystal and run the interrogation herself.

I'm disappointed that Sarah doesn't have a more active role this season. This was my biggest issue with the back half of season four, and now it's happening again. She was literally on the sit watch during this episode (cue Krystal, "I'm point, you are backup"), she has no idea what Delphine and S's big plan is, come on... As of now, Cosima and S are commanding the story, and I have no problem with either of them having a more prominent role – they are kicking some ass – but this show began as Sarah's journey and now she does nothing but see things unfold. Get it together, show, we deserve an epic Sarah run in the remaining episodes.

I was also disappointed that Mrs. S and Sarah didn't come up with a better plan to keep Kira safe, such as, you know, running away. Why did they just wait for Dyad to come knocking on their door and take Kira? In any case, Siobhan's message to Rachel surprised me. So calm and collected while her grandchild was basically being kidnapped, she delivered a truth that Rachel probably won't be able to escape from. Rachel's reaction was wonderful, a mix of arrogant startle at the idea that one day she might need the Clone Club and true surprise that Siobhan would go for an emotional connection with her. Tatiana can convey so much with just a stare. And I see you there, writers, or at least I think I do. In the end, Dyad will turn its back on Rachel and she will need the Clone Club. Will they save her or leave her behind?

So much for the village of hopeful followers. What will happen to them? Will John kill them all? Will they escape the island? Are there other boats? I was on the edge of my seat when Cosima and Charlotte were waiting for Susan and Ira to show up. I totally expected Westmorland's men to stop them before they escaped. Thankfully, that's not what happened and now Cosima is headed to the mainland.

Mud's story is kind of tragic. She was a drug addict and had her life saved by him, so she feels a moral obligation to be loyal to him, which is why it was difficult for her to betray him and go along with Susan and Ira's plan. In the end, she was loyal to Westmorland only to find out he is indeed a fraud.

I knew Susan was toast the moment she decided to kill Westmorland – or John, to give the character his real name. It would be very unusual storytelling to have the villain of the season killed four episodes before the finale, so Susan was the one to go. I never really cared about Susan or Ira, but their deaths were very affecting. Visually, the scene was perfect, it totally grabbed me.

I'm split on Coady replacing Susan at this point. It's nice to see the story of Leda (season two) and Castor (season three) coming together, seriously, that's pretty cool and rewarding for long time viewers. But is Coady's return really necessary? She is a good villain, yes, but will this turn of events be essential to the story down the road or was it just another go at the game of factions? They are doing it better than when they did it in season two, but it remains to be seen if it will amount to anything substantial in the end.

Keeping Up With the Clone Club

I miss Alison. I don't like that she is not keeping up with what is happening to her sisters. Her niece was just kidnapped, damn it. I also miss Felix. And Helena. And Donnie.

Neolutionist Bits and Prolethean Pieces

- Westmorland/John is not as old as I assumed he was, and he is definitely not 170 years old either. He is around Susan's age and went to college with her, where they met each other. Curiously, John wasn't a bright student, he was just very rich.

- Kira is eight years old. She was seven when the show began. I thought the writers would retcon her age, considering how much Skyler Wexler has grown, but no. What Neolution wants to do to her is even more appalling considering she is only EIGHT YEARS OLD.

- Coady tried to persuade Cosima to join Neolution. Oh, Coady, you so don't know our Cos.

- John attracted families to the island with promises of cure and life extension so that he would take blood out of the healthy children for parabiosis, the use of young blood to rejuvenate old tissues. He truly is despicable.

- Krystal called Sarah "Australian girl".

- There is something of Alison in the way Tatiana plays Krystal, which made me miss Alison even more. I get that the writers want to have fun with a newer character, but how about not sidelining the old ones?

- Len was played by Tatiana's boyfriend, Tom Cullen.

- Krystal applying the experimental face cream on Len's beard and kicking him out was everything.


Brie: "Nobody ghosts Krystal."
Scott: "It's difficult at first, but you get used to it eventually."
Poor Scott. At least it looked like Brie was into him. :)

Westmorland/John: "What I couldn't get with brains, I bought."
Susan: "With fortune and fiction. That's how the patriarchy works."

Sarah: "Okay, steer him to Dyad. Don't make it obvious."
Krystal: "Len, you sold your company to Dyad."

Good episode. Three out of four face creams of evil.

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