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The 100: The Flock

Our mid-season finale certainly gave us a lot of information, and set up our four major bad-asses as turncoats. So why do I feel like this entire episode was an exercise in futility?

The story is split, featuring the training of Octavia, Hope, Diyoza and Echo. Anders spends the first half of the episode attempting to break them down, first with a shock and awe reveal showing how the Bardoans lost the last war to whatever enemy is waiting in the wings. This first taste of an actual alien was muted, since all we could see were vaguely humanoid-shaped rock formations on the surface of Bardo. The air there is literally able to calcify a human from the inside. (How much do you want to bet we see that before too long?)

Then the four are subjected to fear simulations designed to sever their emotional connections to their friends and family, re-education classrooms and combat training. Echo is the 'star' student who goes along with the training as though she had completely adopted their cause. Yet I don't buy it. Echo is a spy and a good one, able to adapt and make incredibly cold choices, like sending Hope to Penance (Skyring) for five years, in pursuit of her goals. Whatever Echo's endgame, I doubt it aligns with Bardo.

Diyoza and Octavia both fall into the training, although they are less obviously gung ho about it. They pass their training, and are giving the rank of level 2 disciple. Hope consistently is unable to fit in, and as punishment is sent to Skyring. It's pretty messed up, especially because it is also a test of Octavia and Diyoza's connections to her. Their reactions fell in line, but their eyes told a different story. They are both still with us... I hope.

Back on Sanctum, Murphy, Indra and Eric have to deal with Nikki and Nelson's take over. Emori being held at gunpoint was terrifying, because I honestly do not know who will make it out of this season alive. Murphy, in a somewhat characteristic show of heroism (he's come a long way, especially for those he loves) steps up to be a bargaining chip. Unfortunately Sheidheda has to be a part of the deal, too. The entire scene there gave this sense that something horrible was about to happen, and it did.

While Emori, Madi, John and Indra got away, Sheidheda killed most if not all the Faithful, leaving five factions left (Clarke's team, Wonkru, Children of Gabriel, the Prisoners, and Bardo). While bloody and awful, with him murdering dozens of people, it was a powerful scene and JR Bourne is clearly having a ball going over the top evil. It also cleared the field a little, taking out the weakest and most obnoxious faction (the religious stuff with the Primes was played out in my humble opinion).


This is like the eighth episode this season without Bellamy (the flashback was nice but doesn't count). Clarke wasn't featured at all, either.

Levitt continues to be a wildcard. I'm not sure if he is good or bad.

Bardo is a scary place, breeding an exact number of people to maintain resources and then indoctrinating those children with a community method of parenting, where familial bonds are not created at all. Classrooms detail the faith and dictate emotional control. Brainwashing is used liberally. I was wrong, this isn't Mount Weather. At least they cared about their own people.

What is Etherea?

Apparently the scenes on Sanctum take place over twenty to thirty minutes, while time on Bardo probably took weeks to months.


Eric: "We need a plan."
Murphy: "Well, here is what we are working with. They have a lot of guns. Wonkru won't listen to us. I am 150 pounds wet, and you can't fight to save your life."

Octavia: "Let me get this straight. The ten foot aliens with superior technology that built this place got genocided and turned to stone by the enemy we're gonna fight?"
Anders: "Precisely. Now you know what you're training for."
Diyoza: "I love me an unwinnable war."

Sheidheda: "Russell had all you fools convinced he was a god."
Murphy: "Where's Indra?"'
Sheidheda: "If that guy really was a god, why was it so easy for me to kill him and take his body? I am not Russell Lightbourne. I wear his body as my host. Your Primes are gone forever."

Sheidheda: "Shut up, you fool. There is an ancient saying; what is a king without subjects? But I ask, what are subjects without a king? They are but lost sheep, confused and scared... needing guidance and protection from the wolf who delights in their slaughter."

A good episode, and it had a powerful ending which made it work as a mid-season finale. However I just don't fully buy that Anders was successful in breaking these four women. I guess we'll see.

3 out of 4 Ten foot tall alien statues from a lost war

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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