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Lucifer: Spoiler Alert

"You know I hate it when you fight."

Well then. I certainly wasn't expecting that cliffhanger. How long until the rest of the episodes are released again?

The episode understandably picked up right where the last one and we immediately got a very big revelation. Lucifer is invulnerable and has his mojo back again, to which my only reaction is: huh? Yeah, I kinda guessed the invulnerability coming back when I was worried about Lucifer pulling away from Chloe again, but that wasn't what happened. Lucifer seemed just as emotionally engaged as ever, although granted these were rather fraught circumstances. It's harder to surround yourself with walls when you're worried that the woman you love is going to be killed by a serial killer.

I was a little surprised that they sidelined Chloe so much this episode, but it really showed how much the whole cast cares about her. They didn't just focus on Lucifer's reaction, which I appreciated. Even Maze put aside her anger in order to find Chloe. And torture someone with "It's a Small World." It's a classic.

But the real focus was on Ella and her totally trustworthy boyfriend, Pete. I... was not expecting Pete to actually scare me, but he did. The scene where he attacked Ella was incredibly tense and a little brutal to watch. I didn't enjoy seeing Ella scared like that, which means that the scene did its job, I guess. I am very glad that she got a chance to properly confront Pete and that Lucifer trusted her enough to have the strength to confront him.

Because what a piece of work. There was something just so chilling about him admitting that the only time he was at peace was when his victims were dying, or how he had planned on murdering Ella but she was just so nice. It was far too easy to imagine what might have happened if they hadn't looked deeper into the case, if Ella and Pete had continued their relationship. Even someone as nice as Ella would eventually say the wrong thing and that would be it. Alex Koch actually really impressed me there. I had been lukewarm on his acting previously, but he won me over there.

But of course, Pete wasn't behind Chloe's kidnapping, which did admittedly make that entire section feel a little... superfluous? It was all interesting content that was important and enjoyable to see, but it really felt like it belonged in a different episode. Something about the pacing of these last two episodes just feels slightly off to me. Once Michael was revealed as the kidnapper, we went into a very different direction.

What is Michael's plan? So far, we know that it involves trying to break Chloe's faith in Lucifer and trying to send Amenadiel into a tailspin over Charlie. (Lovely Devil/Angel On Your Shoulder imagery there with Amenadiel. And of course, the moralities are flipped.) Did he know that Dan wouldn't be able to kill Lucifer, that he would be invulnerable somehow? I can't see how that's possible, but it wouldn't surprise me. Neither would him being directly responsible for Charlie's cold. It's simply too convenient. I don't know, however, if I believe that Amenadiel is responsible for time stopping. Like he said, his power was about slowing time. That's a little different. And not to mention that it's been gone for awhile.

The fight was very nicely done, however. This whole season has just had excellent fight scenes. I thought that it was very interesting how Maze was very clearly trying to inflict lasting harm with deadly weapons, but Lucifer stayed defensive the entire time. He only went on the attack in order to quickly get her out of the fight so that he could then focus on Michael. He didn't want to hurt her. Too bad he already did so with his words. Seriously Lucifer, I know that you were distracted by Chloe, but distractedly brushing Maze off and saying that it was impossible for her to have a soul felt a little out of character. Yes, that may be true, but there is something called tact. He showed it with Dan! Who was very lucky that Lucifer decided that his response to getting shot was to try and prank Dan as opposed to getting truly angry at him, by the way.

I knew going into the season that an actor had been cast for God, but I didn't know who it was and I didn't know when the character would pop up. In retrospect, I probably should have guessed that this would be our finale cliffhanger. I'm very, very excited about it. We've spent the entire series hearing about God and hearing other people's interpretations of what God wants and what His plans are. Now, we get to actually hear it directly from the source. That's a very big shift in the narrative.

What prompted God to choose now to make an appearance? Yes, it's implied that it's over the fact that we got the three brothers fighting, but Lucifer killed Uriel in season two. That's a bit more serious than a brawl. The next obvious assumption is that this is all part of Michael's plan, but I've rewatched the last scene a few times now and he looked as surprised as Lucifer and Amenadiel at their father's appearance. So what exactly is going on here? I suppose that's a question that will just have to wait.

... Now what I am supposed to watch?

Random Thoughts

I'm not going to be able to hear God's voice without immediately thinking about car insurance, am I?

Did we ever get clarification on whether or not God is omniscient and/or omnipotent in this universe? Momlotte wasn't.

Favorite moment of the episode was definitely when Lucifer was sent through the glass wall. So, so pretty.

I fully expect to see that security guard dancing in Lux in a future episode. Lucifer is usually very good about those kinds of things.

Ella's the only one in the main cast that isn't in on the celestial secret now, right? Well, and Trixie, but you could probably make the argument that she's figured it out.

An Honest Fangirl needs suggestions on what to watch next.


  1. I think the valuable thing about the actual serial killer was showing how Lucifer has learned to be a detective ... from Chloe.

    I am also wondering about his sudden invulnerability even when around Chloe. As angels self-actualize, I'm hoping it's that now that Lucifer knows he's responsible for his in/vulnerability, he has more control over it. So perhaps he's just vulnerable to Chloe (who can mojo him) and not to angry Dan shooting bullets.

    So I want an answer to that. I also want an answer to why Lucifer has never said "I love you" to Chloe (although he did tell her she was his first love). We have been told "it's complicated." I also want to understand what is going on with baby Charlie. Angel Remy came down to Earth and fought with Amenadiel because there was a new celestial presence - wasn't that supposed to be Charlie? If not, who is it?

    I think Ella, who already knows Azrael, will not have a hard time accepting the truth. And Trixie may already know (but Scarlet Estavez has a new gig and so isn't appearing as often).

    Yeah, where are the rest of the episodes??? Now, please, now!

  2. Much agreement that the best part of the episode was Lucifer channeling Chloe to solve her own kidnapping. And that shot of Lucifer going through the glass was absolutely gorgeous.

    I thought it was Dad that made time stop, not Amenadiel. We don't know yet, but it would make sense if Dad had all of the singular gifts that his kids had, wouldn't it? I'm really hoping they bring Tricia Helfer in the second part of season five.

    And for me, it isn't insurance. Dennis Haysbert will always be President Palmer. :)

    Thank you so much for reviewing this season so well and so quickly, Fangirl!

  3. Possible Spoilers (based on conjecture)

    I had a slightly different take on the time stop, I believe it was 'God' stopping Lucifer from saying how he truly felt to Chloe. The reason, because that would be the key to untethering Lucifer from Hell. His rebellion was against Humanity, right? So now Chloe has influenced him to the point where in the middle of fighting against his brother, he tries to keep them from hurting the frozen humans surrounding them. He now is a champion of humanity, he loves a human. How does his punishment make sense anymore? Especially when it is so clear that Michael is the one that deserves that role now, he is actively evil and takes pleasure in fear. Isn't that the definition of the Devil? I don't know, but it seems to me the endgame for this series would be Lucifer being forgiven and Michael going to Hell. Just my two cents.

    The serial killer plot did seem slightly disjointed with the rest of the episode, and that final act was jaw dropping in how far it went. I loved it.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I loved the fight, but I'm *really* nervous about God. So much of the conflict has been caused by people's interpretation of "what God wants" that won't having God there to just say it take all the wind out of the sails?

    I thought they nailed it with God Johnson way back when. He knew just enough to be convincing, said just enough to add rather than detract (like how Lucifer got so mad that his real dad would never say those things), and didn't stay long enough to answer any of the big questions (which now include at least why did he bless Chloe's parents, why did he let Lucifer leave Hell, why don't demons have souls/how can Maze acquire one, why did he let Uriel die, why did he let Mom get banished, why's he letting Michael go crazy, what does he think of Charlie, and so on). For the most part, I don't think I want these answers in the middle of season 5.

    I have to admit I loved the Mom plot, so clearly I should be able to trust the writers to handle supreme beings. But there's been so much build-up on these long-running God plots... it just makes me nervous. Here's hoping!

  5. This season surprised me: I have actually come to feel sorry for Michael. When I took the time to think about it, I realized that God stuck Michael with a crappy power, one which automatically caused him to be ostracized by his siblings. Who would want to be around someone who can draw out your worst fears? Michael must have been very lonely growing up, especially seeing how Lucifer’s power of desire would result in attracting everyone to his twin brother.

    It is natural that Michael would resent Lucifer for being given a power that makes people like him, while God gave Michael a power that makes people want to avoid him. It makes sense that Michael lashes out at his siblings as a way of making them feel as bad as he does. I now understand why Michael was so easily seduced (“Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”) by the thought that Chloe might actually like him — he is deep down just a hurt and lonely little boy.

    Michael badly needs a session with Dr. Linda to sort himself out. Using his power as a weapon to hurt others has just left him more isolated. Michael has to learn use his power to help other instead. If he worked at helping his siblings face their fears and grow as a result, he could build the relationships he so longs for. And maybe then he could learn to live with the awful hand that God dealt him, instead of manipulating and scheming.

  6. My take. We know mojo can travel. Michael took Charlie’s mojo. Charlie can stop time where Amenadiel can slow it. Michael wants Charlie’s power and is letting Maze believe she can take the soul.

  7. I'm really lucky, in that I had no reason to watch the trailers for this half of the season, so God came as a great surprise.

    God wears cardigans. I wear cardigan. Am I....?


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