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Discussion: Did You Ever Watch the Nevers?

Two awesome actors, one mediocre show.
The Nevers premiered over six weeks ago, and failed to take the world by storm. "Meh," said some reviewers. "Okay, good enough," said others. A few people boycotted for Whedon reasons, a few people just weren't into it.

I decided to wait to watch it until nearly all six episodes of Part One of Season One (why not just call it a short season?!) were up, since I didn't already have an HBOMax subscription and prefer the binge model of consumption. I got two and a half episodes into the show, and gave up. It just didn't work for me. But rumor (by which I mean, the internet) has it that the last episode of Part One of Season One (why?!) reset the board, had a cool twist, revealed some potential cool plotlines, etc. etc.

And that got me wondering: should I give it another shot? Should I wait to see what Part Two of Season One (why?!) looks like? (It has been written but not filmed yet.)

There's no one I trust as much as the Agents of Doux and our readers, which means I'm asking all of you for your feedback:

Did you watch The Nevers? Did you like it? Are you intrigued but unsure? Did you declare you would never?

Let's try to avoid major spoilers in the comments, but vague allusions are, I think, totally fine.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. Probably not surprising, but I also watched two episodes and stopped, and so far I'm not intrigued enough to go back and finish. Maybe you guys can convince me? I wanted to love it, and that want was unrelated to Joss Whedon -- I am a fan of Laura Donnelly, who kicked butt and made me cry as Jamie's sister Jenny on Outlander.

  2. Not fair to judge The Nevers by only two episodes. What if you had judged WandaVision the same way? There are some major twists coming in later episodes, things aren't always as they first appear (remember how different Dollhouse was from season 1 to season 2?). I watched all 6 The Nevers episodes (and enjoyed them), and am intrigued enough to look forward to season 2 (1.5, B, ?). If nothing else, seeing Claudia Black in episode 6 should make at least some of you want to watch the rest of the season.

  3. I'll admit the Claudia Black news has me intrigued. I also stopped after one episode. I do plan on giving it a shot again at some point soon.

  4. I too was tempted by the "twists" in episode 6 to return and watch from where I had previously stopped. I´m afraid I was very disappointed and won´t be returning for part 2.

  5. I was thinking of giving it a go when Sky released all six episodes here, but they also released the entire final :( season of Wynonna Earp and now that's my priority.

  6. I don't understand the aversion to this show. I was intrigued from the beginning and was completely involved by the time of the fight scene between Amalia and the guy who walked on water, which was one of the best actions scenes I've seen on TV in ages. I liked every character on the show, good or bad. Every actor was terrific, especially the two leads. I will admit that it was consecutively both a slow burn and a little rushed, but the dialogue was rich and full of great character moments. I am a Whedon fan, but have not liked everything he's done (I was lukewarm on Dollhouse and mostly bored by Ultron). Since I loved this so much, I can only assume that even Whedon fans' reactions have been colored by the bad press he's gotten. A rewatch of the first five episodes (before watching the sixth) made me love the show even more for its complexity. The show is not about "Random people getting powers"). Most of the "powers" were just an enhanced versions of the characters inate qualities, and (though it has not been fleshed out yet), I believe each one received them for a reason. Some of the "powers" are way more clever than usual, including a girl who understands all languages (which fits strongly into the plot already), and a woman whose presence causes people to speak the truth about themselves. This is not a show you watch while eating dinner or surfing the internet. The rewards are from paying attention. Obviously, I don't know what turned you off enough to stop watching, but I can't recommend it enough. Check out all the 10 star reviews on IMDB for more reasons.

  7. I loved it. Laura Donnelly kicks ass, as does the rest of the cast. It's clever and fun, and tense.
    It's worth sticking with it.

  8. I loved it. The steampunk aspect, the costuming, the dialogue that feels very Victorian to my layman ears, the quality of the casting and their acting, the fact that the cast is mostly women of all ages not just young ingenues.
    It does have its weaknesses, some of which can be blamed on the disruptions caused by covid, some on the disruption caused when they kicked Whedon off the production.
    It also is a show I have to pay attention to otherwise I miss information. It definitely is a story that shows more than it tells which again if I am not paying attention means I miss things but it does engage my brain. I needed to rewatch the verbal confrontation between the Laura Donnelly's character, Amalia and Lord Massen twice because it was operating on two levels.
    I hope it continues because it has become one of my current favorites.

  9. I would be happy just watching Laura Donnelly being awsome (loved her in Outlander, and love her here), but the show is funny, pretty and makes me happy watching it :)
    I at least find myself looking forward to new episodes, so I hope we’ll get more

  10. I was going to watch it, I was. I mean Whedon being involved was definitely a negative aspect of it but then like...it premiered to such mild fanfare I was like...why bother at this point? Maybe I'll pick it up one night but I really doubt it, I'm so behind on watching things. I haven't even finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier yet!!! (Which is why I've been so quiet on this site p.s.)

  11. Haven't posted in a while but here goes... :)

    I recommend watching it. Though I feel the story is "OK" until episode 5-6, where proper arc begins. I think the idea is very interesting, and would could progress nicely. Can't say anything else without spoilers.

    Hope it doesn't get cancelled.

  12. I gave up after episode four. But I plan to at least try to finish it.

    For me, it was unfortunate that I watched 'Shadow and Bone' at the same time. S&B was so much better so I kind of lost interest in The Nevers.

  13. I just finished watching "Shadow and Bone" and I enjoyed the Nevers way more. Shadow & Bone had great FX and I liked the lead actress a lot, but the storytelling was just so conventional. I found The Nevers clever and engaging, while I got bored regularly during Shadow & Bone.


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