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The Nevers

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The Nevers (2021-2023) centers on a group of misfits in Victorian London whose mysterious superhuman abilities make them a target for the patriarchal elite, quack neurosurgeons, sex cults, and asylum escapees. The brainchild of Joss Whedon until it wasn't, The Nevers is HBO's ambitious stab at a big-budget fantasy megahit on par with Game of Thrones. It didn't quite turn out that way; only one season aired, with the second half of that first season delayed and eventually airing on Tubi and Roku.

Only two episodes were reviewed. Would you like to finish this show for us? Apply here!

Season One

1.1 Touched
1.2 Exposure
1.3 Ignition
1.4 Undertaking
1.5 Hanged
1.6 True
1.7 It's a Good Day
1.8 I Don't Know Enough About You
1.9 Fever
1.10 Alright, Okay, You Win
1.11 Ain't We Got Fun
1.12 I'll Be Seeing You


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Laura Donnelly (Amalia True)
Ann Skelly (Prudence Adair)
Olivia Williams (Lavinia Bidley)
Ben Chaplin (Det. Frank Mundi)
Pip Torrens (Lord Gilbert Massen)
James Norton (Hugo Swann)
Tom Riley (Augie Bidlow)
Denis O'Hare (Dr. Edmund Hague)
Amy Manson (Maladie)