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Lucifer: Nothing Lasts Forever

"The darker the darkness, the brighter the light."

It was a proper family reunion this episode, wasn't it?

I really liked being able to see and meet different angels. They're just all so different from each other, aren't they? But they're all united in one thing: their dislike for Lucifer. I suppose that it can't be too surprising. The last time most of them saw him, he was cast into Hell for leading a rebellion against God. I wouldn't like him either. I certainly wouldn't want him to take over as God. I would choose Amenadiel.

That is an issue for next episode, however. Right now, I want to focus on God in what appears to be His very last episode ever. There were so many lovely scenes with so many different characters. His conversation with Ella was definitely my second favorite. God's reassurance to her that she was a good person with an inner light that can reach all the way to Heaven almost made me cry. It was exactly what she needed, and I'm so glad that her faith was rewarded and reaffirmed in this way. Because she is a good person. One of the best. Even if she pictures how people die in graphic detail. (Which... that's her big secret? A little disappointed.)

Sadly, we didn't get a one-on-one conversation between Chloe and God (why not???) but the Decker double date was almost as good. It's been awhile since we've seen Penelope, and her chemistry with God...frey was wonderful. It also gave us as good a reason as any to bring the absolutely stunning Divine Goddess back. Yes, there are a few logistical questions that I think the writers just ignored, considering that God sent Mum down to Hell for all eternity, but you know what? I don't really care. I immediately bought that the two of them have had a millennia long relationship, which really is a testament to Dennis Haysbert and Tricia Helfer.

But even that was nothing compared to God hugging Lucifer and finally telling him that He loved him and was proud of him. That actually did make me cry. And how beautiful was it that Lucifer's immediate reaction was that Amenadiel should be told the same thing? That more than anything has shown just how far Lucifer has come. It's just a shame that God had to be leaving to a completely different universe for Him to tell his sons that.

Things really would have been a lot easier if God had just named a successor after He left, but then what would our plot be? It also goes against Lucifer's ultimate message of growth and change and actively choosing to be a better person. Even if it was all God's plan, the angels need to be able to choose. Hopefully more angels will agree with Remi and realize that Lucifer is a far better choice than Michael. I was wondering when he would pop up again. Was he really gaslighting God? That doesn't seem like it should be possible, and honestly wasn't really given any narrative weight.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we also had Maze. Or should I say Maziqueen? I didn't even consider the fact that now she had a soul, it meant that she would go somewhere after she died. That has to be a terrifying thought. It was for Dan. And even if Maze only wants to be queen so that she won't be tortured, I'm with Lucifer. There's no one I would trust down there more, although I do wish that we got more clarification on why Hell didn't need a warden anymore.

This week's greater theme was all about the sacrifices that partners make for each other. I'm not sure how I feel about the message that a good work/life balance is impossible, and that the only way for a relationship to work and be healthy is for one of the partnership to pause their wants and desires in favor of the other. At least, that's the message that I ended up with.

I don't want Chloe to give up being a detective. I know, I know, I'm not the biggest fan of the procedural side of the show, but it's such a fundamental part of who she is. What will the show look like if she's not that?

Which brings me to the one thing that I'm really having some reservations on. For those who don't know, this was supposed to be the last season, but Netflix gave it a last second renewal. It still feels like a last season, though. We're really starting to wrap up all of the loose ends. Character trauma is being resolved. Michael and Lucifer are going to fight over who becomes God. Where do you go from here? There's still two episodes to go, so maybe my concerns are unfounded.

Random Thoughts

Panda? Really? That bothered me more than anything else.

Lauren German looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress.

I can't believe that Lizzie tried to get college movers to move a shark. Ridiculous and hilarious.

I also really expected Ella to pick up on the "Dad jokes" comment and immediately assume that Chloe was pregnant.

Also, Ella has been seeing Linda since the whole Pete thing. Can I just say how much I love that so many characters go to therapy in this show and it's shown as a good thing?

Why do I feel like Gabriel is going to die in some horrible way? Billie and I are going to have to update our article comparing characters on this show with their counterparts on Supernatural.

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. I loved how God told Ella how brightly her light shined. And although part of me doesn't like to see Chloe stopping her detective work, she's right that being the new God is really important and could use her support. Any other decision would be illogical, and I love it when Chloe is logical.

  2. Fangirl, I so totally agree with this paragraph of yours:

    But even that was nothing compared to God hugging Lucifer and finally telling him that He loved him and was proud of him. That actually did make me cry. And how beautiful was it that Lucifer's immediate reaction was that Amenadiel should be told the same thing? That more than anything has shown just how far Lucifer has come.

    Real, actual closure with Dad. Best scene in the episode, and one of the best in the series, and beautifully acted by both of them.

    I also loved that Tricia Helfer returned, and as you said, that scene with the two of them just *felt* like they had this long, complicated and loving relationship. It does indeed feel like that was the last time we'll see them both, and it was a terrific farewell.

    Maybe that article we wrote together should get a part two? :)

  3. I liked it too, for the same and possibly more reasons.

  4. Fun fact: Gabriel's comment about the other universe being filled with centaurs was probably a nod Mike Carey's run on the Lucifer comics, where Lucifer creates a universe (where the only rule is no worship of any god) and centaurs are very prominent there.

  5. Ella's dark secret broke my heart. Because, if I'm understanding it correctly, she just described scrupulousity, which is a religious form of OCD in which people are convinced their going to hell for really non-sinful stuff. I really hope God worked his Mojo on her. And I'm a little perturbed that Linda didn't seem to make the connection.

    I was also horrified by the Panda thing.

    But otherwise, loved the ep for all the reasons mentioned.

  6. Please excuse both the typos in my above comment. I blame autocorrect and burnout.


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