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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns For Morn?

"...." - Morn

The episode title is a pun and reference to a TOS episode, and the main focus is on an extra with no lines. His actor isn't even credited. I think that sums it up better than anything else I could say.

This was essentially the epitome of a filler episode. It would slot seamlessly into any season and feel like it was supposed to be there. This isn't a negative by any means. It means that this episode fulfilled its role of a fun, low stakes romp perfectly. And it was very fun and perfectly enjoyable, even if a few things bugged me the more I thought about the episode.

Odo and Quark have always had a combative relationship, but Odo almost felt especially cruel this time around. Vindictive. Especially when it seemed like Quark wouldn't inherit anything from Morn. Yes, Quark was obviously more upset about the unpaid bar tab than by the fact that Morn had suddenly died, but it certainly did not paint Odo in a flattering light either. I did, however, love the brief conversation between the two of them when the bar was closed. It was very understated. Quark didn't make any faces or obvious head tilts like he did when all four thieves were in his room. He simply chose his words carefully, and Odo immediately understood that something was wrong.

The four thieves themselves were varying degrees of fun. I never actually believed that Larell was actually Morn's ex-wife, and I was a little disappointed that Quark seemed to buy the conceit so easily. Also the whole idea that Morn was actually an abdicated prince, which ended up annulling the will, was so ridiculous. At least Quark asked the brothers for some kind of documentation of the loan. Ultimately, Quark had to be a little stupid in order to let the plot progress in the way that it did. It wasn't egregious by any means, but something that soured the experience a little once you actually stop to think about the details.

That's the most common issue with a disconnected filler episode like this. They're usually centered around a conceit that sounds clever or if a riff off of a recurrent gag, but it very rarely is strong enough to fully stand on its own over the course of a full hour. But that one got about 75% of the way there.

Honestly, I may have spent more time admiring all of the special effects makeup than anything else, but in my defense it did look particularly good this episode. It was even nominated for an Emmy! I particularly loved Larell's design. It was so pretty. And the full head prosthetics for the alien brothers were also gorgeous to look at. Those are not easy to create and apply.

Random Thoughts

The man that Quark pulls out of the crowd to start keeping Morn's seat warm is actually the actor who plays Morn.

Dax was attracted to Morn, although he turned down her offer of a date. I loved Worf's brief moment of jealousy followed by indignation that anyone would reject her.

The matador painting was purchased by Morn in the episode "In the Cards."

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