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Lucifer: Yabba Dabba Do Me

"No, no, no this is a terrible idea. Worst I've heard since some genius decided to cancel Bones."

Are animated episodes popping up in live action genre shows the new musical episodes popping up in genre shows? Because if so, I can't say that I hate this trend.

Jimmy Barnes is certainly a blast from the past. I was a little concerned about the whole idea of helping someone like him get out of Hell. I didn't want to help him. How could we help someone like Jimmy when poor Dan is still trapped and stuck in various kinds of hell, purgatory, and other post-death states? And so, I will give Lucifer credit where it is due. They acknowledged that explaining the reasons behind someone's horrific decisions is not the same as excusing them, which was my major concern. But they also made the explanation emotionally moving enough that I was satisfied when Lucifer made it so that Jimmy's mom stayed with him.

I'm not sure what role in the grander scheme of things is Lucifer's inconsistent abilities. Initially, I thought that Lucifer was losing his ability to control everything in Hell because he was no longer in charge there, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't just the Invisible Hand of Plot Mandated Shenanigans. Or, well, the Opaque Hand of Plot Mandated Shenanigans since it was very heavy-handed. I suppose it doesn't matter in the end since the Shenanigans were fun along the way.

The animation section was very fun and very reminiscent of the era of cartoons that Jimmy used as an escape. I honestly expected it to be the majority of the episode, and do admittedly feel cheated when we jumped over to the 80s. There's some many fun things that you can do in the animated world, and they really didn't explore it nearly to the extent that they could have.

Okay, Dan has been fully redeemed in my eyes. He only agreed to the deal so that he could warn Lucifer of the danger. This is far more acceptable than I had originally feared. And now we have an additional, very fun wrinkle to our mythology. Ghosts! I had just assumed that they weren't exactly a thing once we found out that Ella couldn't actually see them. It also goes ahead and explains why Dan couldn't just be resurrected. He's worm food. He's just a soul. There isn't any way for him to hop back in there and be alive again.

So now he's a ghost. One that can't interact with anything, even though he can be seen and heard. (How does he not just fall through the floor if he can't touch anything?) I am very excited for him to be out of Hell and in the position to interact with everyone again. He's not just going to be off in the corner, waiting for a spare few minutes to be onscreen. This bodes well. I'm excited.

Still don't know how excited I am about our new angel. I suppose that she now has a reason to come off as more childish than anything else: she is a child. Lucifer's child. Well, this show has always had a very strong vein of soap opera running through it, so I suppose a secret, surprise child showing up at the last minute isn't anything too shocking. After siblings and parents, children really are the next logical step. How though? I thought that we hashed out the whole logistics of angelic offspring pretty well with Charlie. But now there's just another second generation angel running around? I'll be curious to see how they pull it off.

Mostly, I just really, really don't want the idea of Lucifer having a child with another woman derailing or causing drama between him and Chloe. It's the last season. Can we please, please stop it with the issues between them?

The other parts of the episode dealt with Amenadiel's first day on the force. I was surprised by Officer Harris, and I am so pleased that I was. There, obviously, is a lot of other nuance going on regarding the police and race that I personally don't feel equipped to discuss. But I'm glad that Amenadiel has some kind of mentor to look towards, one who isn't a complete asshole. Maze showing up to support him through vandalism because he's her friend was just icing on the cake.

Random Thoughts

So cartoons are like Ken dolls. I don't think I needed to know that.

I did love the way everything got censored when Lucifer tried to curse.

Wait, is it implied that Lucifer's guyliner is in fact natural then?

Linda is writing a book about Lucifer and is hiding it from him. That'll end well.

Chloe is starting to realize that her borrowed celestial maybe isn't the best thing for her at the moment. It didn't stop her from seizing on the opportunity to use it to go to Hell, though. I know that Buffy Season Six is brought up whenever there is any kind of magical addiction storyline but... Buffy Season Six vibes?

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. I liked a lot of different elements this time. The Jimmy plot was actually touching. I knew Dan wouldn't have betrayed Lucifer so it was nice to have confirmation, but the ghost thing is upsetting. And the animation bits were a *lot* of fun. Totally expected that Lucifer would check out his naughty bits, but even more fun that Chloe would do the same thing.

    And I'll reserve judgment on Lucifer's "daughter."

  2. I loved this episode, and as I have already binged all the way to the grand finale, let me say it was not gratuitous. And I loved how cartoon Chloe waited until she was alone - her eyes went both ways to make sure - and then checked out her own privates, or rather her lack thereof. Very Chloe. She's curious too, but more discreet.

  3. I was wondering why Dan doesn’t fall through floors too, and the relevance of that power loss. As for Chloe - she’s definitely developing a little bit of a Gollum look when she takes out her Precious. Great review, Fangirl.

  4. Chloe as Gollum is very accurate!

  5. So about people (like Dan) not being able to come back from the dead and only being able to exist as ghosts -- was it ever explained how Eve came back to Earth as her real, flesh-and-blood self? I don't think it was, and this has really been bugging me for a long time.


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