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The Book of Boba Fett Chapter Two: The Tribes of Tatooine

"Running a family is more complicated than bounty hunting."

Somehow, I don't doubt that in the slightest.

This episode was very neatly separated into two different halves, so I might as well do the same with my review. Unlike last week where we jumped back and forth between the timelines, here we only made the switch once. It helped to make the episode feel both more focused and yet also disjointed. It felt more like two separate episodes than a coherent piece.

Last week, there was a little bit of a debate over whether or not the Mayor sent the assassins. I still don't think that's been fully resolved? The assassin seemed fairly panicked and genuine when he claimed that the Mayor had sent them, but it was also strongly implied that The Twins had hired them instead. Which is true? I think that either way, the Mayor will certainly be a bigger threat than he initially appears. He seems to be very politically savvy with knowledge of everything and anything that has to do with his corner of the planet. I also loved that he had a translator device. Usually, that species just gets subtitles so I was excited to see something new like that.

The Twins, however, were still fabulous and I really hope that we get a lot more of them. The CGI was not as seamless as I would have liked, but there were little touches that I loved that made them feel more grounded in the world. One of the attendants carrying the litter stumbled a bit and had to readjust his standing and posture while Fett and The Twins were talking. That helped to sell their weight and physical presence. I also appreciate how they were both visually distinct from each other and that they clearly had their own personalities.

Nothing really happened, though. It felt like it was more focused on setting up the chess pieces for episodes to come. It is only the second episode, so this isn't the worst thing ever. But we also only have five episodes left. I definitely want some more forward motion next time.

Was the second part this episode essentially Lawrence of Tatooine fused with Dances with Banthas? Yes. Absolutely. Almost distractingly so at times. (Seriously, there was a conversation about how the tribe now has the same technology as the outsiders, negating their advantage.) Did the entire drugged out vision quest leading to Fett's formal introduction into the tribe feel like both the forging of a lightsaber and the forging of Mando armor? Yes, but I didn't mind that comparison as much. It felt appropriately epic and hey, the glowing Jawa eyes were very spooky.

As derivative as the train sequence was, it was very well done. They seem to be doing mostly practical effects when they can, and I am 100% here for it. It was tense and exciting, and a very well made action set piece. And it helped make Fett feel like a badass, which I will always support. We also saw the beginnings of the skills that he'll need as Daimyo as he negotiated with the Pyke Syndicate. Even the way that he sat was identical to the way he does on Jabba's throne.

However, I kept waiting and wanting for the action to return to the present day. I'm a lot more interested in that power struggle that's forming than I am in whatever brought Fett to the point where we first met him in The Mandalorian. They are setting up some interesting ideas, though. Both the Pyke Syndicate and the gang Fett absolutely demolished will both be looking for revenge.

Easter Eggs

The Wookie working for The Twins seems to be Black Krrsantan, someone who is from the comics. He was a bounty hunter who worked with Fett under both Jabba and for Darth Vader.

The Pyke Syndicate, whose train Fett derailed, has made appearances in The Clone Wars and Solo.

The small cantina that Fett got his bikes from was the infamous Tosche Station, where Luke whined about wanting to go at the start of Episode IV. The human couple there were Fixer and Camie, two of Luke's childhood friends.

An Honest Fangirl loves video games, horror movies, and superheroes, and occasionally manages to put words together in a coherent and pleasing manner.


  1. "One of the attendants carrying the litter stumbled a bit and had to read adjust his standing and posture"

    This. This is what separates a director that understands how to make CGI believable and directors that don't. While graphics rendering is important obviously, it's how the graphics properly reflect real physics that sell it. Kudos all around.

    I agree that the present is more interesting than the backstory, but the backstory was well done. You don't mind a trope if the trope is well executed, and the attack on the train was pretty intense and exciting. Still, more of the 'Bobba Fett as Daimyo' please.

    Depending on your setup not everyone may notice this, but the Atmos sound is stunning. Probably the best I've heard in a TV show so far (Lost in Space season 2 was the worst). Even the music is rendered in Atmos, and I find myself sitting through the closing credits just so I can enjoy the immersive sounds :)

    And a question... what is the timeline here from Return of the Jedi? Bobba Fett seems to old based on my understanding of the timeline, so maybe I've got it wrong in my head?

  2. My sound set up isn't great, but I also end up sitting through most of the closing credits. The painted concept art pieces are just gorgeous.

    As far as the timeline goes: Boba Fett is around 10 years old when we first meet him in Episode 2. He is 36ish when he "dies" in Episode 6, making him around 41 during the present timeline.

    Temuera Morrison, who plays him, is 61. So yeah, there is definitely a discrepancy there.

    The Doyalist answer is that TPTB didn't want to recast an iconic character and said "screw the timeline."

    The Watsonian answer is potentially twofold: Fett is technically still a clone, so maybe they just break down at a certain point. Or, spending time in the Sarlaac Pit and under the twin suns with no real face/body coverings is tough on your body. Plus he did live a rough life so I'm not surprised his body is beat up. (Also explains the repeated trips to the tank.)

  3. Great review Fangirl. You're right about the machinations going on having fooled me. I admit I am pretty happy with how this episode worked out. And it felt throughout like classic Star Wars. I can't wait to get thru episode 3 - review coming soon!


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