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This Week: The Perfect Prep for Life as a Hulk

Billie Doux: This week, I tried a few things that weren't sci-fi. Yeah, I know, the aerodynamics of pork.

The Offer is a limited series on Prime dramatizing producer Al Ruddy's experiences while making the classic movie The Godfather back in the early seventies. The cast includes Miles Teller as Ruddy, Matthew Goode as the Paramount guy, Giovanni Ribisi as an honest to god mob guy, Burn Gorman as the Gulf+Western guy, and a bunch of interesting actors playing Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Frank Sinatra, etc. I'm enjoying it so much that I rewatched The Godfather last night, and I might have to rewatch Godfather Part Two. (I'll skip Part Three. As Lorne once said, "Turns out massacres are a lot like sitting through Godfather Three. Once is enough.")

I saw Our Father, a documentary about a fertility doctor in Indiana who deliberately impregnated his patients without their knowledge or consent. It came to light when a woman named Jacoba Ballard tried 23andme and discovered she had seven half-siblings. She contacted them, figured it out, and became obsessed with bringing the doctor to justice. At the time of the documentary's production, Ballard had found over ninety siblings, most of them in the same geographical area. This documentary repeatedly gave me the shudders.

What are you guys watching this week?

Mikey Heinrich: I'd heard about that doctor, but didn't know there was a documentary. I may have to check that out, although... yikes.

I really loved the She-Hulk trailer. I particularly love how angry the usual bros online are about it.

I'm just finishing up season three of Star Trek: Enterprise. I've been enjoying it, but genuine question: are we supposed to like Malcolm? Because his primary characteristic seems to be 'constantly being a giant dick about everything.'

Sunbunny: The CGI though! My girl Tatiana deserves the best outing Marvel can afford and it was not that. I do like that it seems to be more comedic than serious and the implication that being a woman living in the world is the perfect prep for life as a Hulk.

Mikey: That was SUCH a good line!

Victoria Grossack: I am spending two weeks in Hungary, and watching whatever Netflix will let me watch in this market. I just watched the first episode of the second season of Servant of the People. This episode, which seems to be an elaborate prank (sorry for the spoiler), was not on a par with the first season. It may have been done as a standalone movie that was shoehorned into the second season, so I will try the next episode anyway.

Mark Greig: I've fallen so far behind on everything I currently watch. I've still got half a season of Star Trek: Picard, three episodes of Derry Girls, and the entire last seasons of Peaky Blinders and Tangled to get through. Should really try to get them all out of the way before Stranger Things and Obi-Wan Kenobi start next week.

The comic art this week is a bit of sci-fi wonder by Jean Giraud, best known as MÅ“bius, from Arzach, his series of wordless short stories about a lone warrior travelling through an alien landscape.

Lamounier: I started watching The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. The title is terrific, it stars Kristen Bell and it's supposed to be a parody of stories like The Woman in the Window. So far, it's a fun show to watch, but there hasn't been much in the way of parody. If I hadn't been told it was a parody, I'd think it was a rehash with a bit of humor. That is not really a complaint, because I am enjoying the series and, mostly, Bell's performance.

Mark: Looks like Daredevil is going to return on Disney+.

Josie Kafka: There's a trailer for the new season of Evil!

Billie: So, continuing on my not-sci-fi week, I started watching Big Sky on Hulu because Jensen Ackles is joining the cast next season, and you know what? It's good. The two main characters are women who were law enforcement officers and are now private detectives. Most of the first season is a particularly gripping arc. And there's a terrific trans character in the cast played by a trans actor, Jesse James Keitel. Very cool, and not what I expected.

Shari: The only thing I’ve managed to watch is Strange New Worlds. It just might be my new favorite Star Trek series.

Billie: No argument there, Shari. Love Strange New Worlds.

So what are you guys watching this week?


  1. (fka milostanfield)
    I'm feeling the same pain as Mark right now. So much at once. So far behind. Call it the Covid whiplash I guess. Plus my team is in the NBA Playoffs so that's more hours of TV piling on.

    Just/recently finished:
    the other two current Treks
    Big Sky (love Ronald, his psycho mom & psycho girlfriend!)
    Dr. Brain
    Dr. Death (great Josh Jackson performance)
    Killing Eve

    Currently watching:
    Strange! New! Worlds!
    Halo (kinda meh but a couple of really good episodes)
    The Man Who Fell To Earth (Comedy? Sci Fi? Both?)
    The Flight Attendant
    NBA Playoffs

    In the queue/coming soon:
    Russian Doll
    Tehran (still jonesing for Homeland)
    Westworld (gulp)
    Handmaid's Tale (double gulp)
    Stranger Things
    The Ipcress Files

    I may have to clone myself.

  2. Heels on Starz, a wrestling drama. I just wanted an excuse to revisit that channel again after losing interest in anything they had after: Spartacus, Black Sails, American Gods (which although I watched up to the 2nd season it stopped being required viewing when Mr Fuller dropped out after the first) and Party Down. But these 4 shows, I really loved the shit out of them, and maintained enough goodwill that I returned as soon as they had even just one show of interest again.

    It's pretty good so far. I'm glad to see Stephen Amell again and I knew it had to be at least decent if he's signed on for it. Can't wait to find out how it stacks up against Kingdom, a mixed martial arts drama and Lights Out, one for boxing.


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