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Shadowhunters: Iron Sisters

“No one is safe.”

This episode is proof you can’t trust appearances.

While Aldertree’s mistrust of Jace and Clary may be valid, we now have proof that he’s neither the loyal soldier nor the benevolent mentor he pretends. He may be the Clave’s emissary in New York, but their agendas don’t align.

In a very Un-Clave like manner, they have absolved Jace of any guilt. Aldertree, not so much. And if he can’t sentence Jace to the City of Bones for the rest of his life, he can at least force Jace out of the Institute.

The real proof is Aldertree's lies to Isabelle regarding yin fen. The drug does nothing to cure infections (if that’s even what she has). Thanks to the vampire venom it’s made from, it’s a highly addictive drug that masks pain with euphoria. A fact Aldertree is using to coerce Izzy into spying on Clary.

As I stated above, on the surface Aldertree’s concern about Clary makes sense. She’s the daughter of Enemy #1 and may, like her brother, have demon blood running through her veins. His argument has enough substance to give Izzy pause. However, because of Aldertree’s lies, it’s Izzy, not Clary, who is deemed impure.

That deception was enough for Isabelle to confirm Clary was free of demon blood but to hide her ability to create new runes. Unfortunately, Izzy still craves yin fen. So, the jury is out on what ethical lines she may cross in order to feed her addiction.

It’s a good thing Clary decided to tag along on the mission to visit the mysterious Iron Sisters. If not for her, it would have ended in failure and Izzy might have died. I’m not a fan of the Clave's treatment of Downworlders, but I understand why the Iron Sisters kept the powers of the Soul-Sword secret. Knowing that the Shadowhunters have the means to destroy all Downworlders would rip the Shadow World apart.

Lo and behold, we find out that one of the leaders of the Sisterhood is none other than Luke’s sister, Cleophas. This explains Clary’s willingness to share her ability to create runes. However, her trust is misplaced. Cleophas is a not so former Circle member, and we can rest assured Valentine will soon know Clary’s secret along with any others the Citadel might have held.

Luke is having his own issues. Jocelyn’s death has sent him spiraling. Alaric isn’t overly concerned, since he’s convinced Luke chose Shadowhunters over his pack. To be fair, that was Luke’s plan. The Pack may not care what happens to Luke, but Simon still does.

And apparently, so does Maia. Their search allows the unlikely duo to get past the natural animosity between vampires and werewolves. Simon’s disastrous attempt at honesty with this family allows them to bond over their shared trials and tribulations of becoming a Downworlder.

They have more in common than first impressions would suggest. I’m not talking about their sense of humor or the fact they’re both into gaming. I’m talking about their loyalty, stubbornness, and their willingness to be vulnerable with a virtual stranger (though Maia’s vulnerability didn’t include her first encounter with Luke). Too bad Simon is still hung up on Clary because Maia was definitely interested.

It may have taken a season and a half, but Alec and Magnus have their first date! It was sweet and awkward as most first dates are. Although, most usually don't include discovering your date has had 17,000 former companions.

Once again, appearances can be deceiving. That someone as structured as Alec and someone as unconstrained as Magnus are attracted to each other is a miracle in itself. However, they are both honest, kind (once you get past Alec’s gruffness), and their relationship is built on mutual respect. Which is one reason they can overlook the imbalance of their experiences. More, please!

The disparity between appearance and reality was used to great effect in laying the groundwork for future episodes. We have no idea what Aldertree’s true intentions are, and we don’t know what Valentine will do with the information he’s garnered from Cleophas. In a lighter but no less disconcerting note, we don’t know the price Raphael will exact for coming to Simon’s rescue. And lest we forget, we don’t know the implications of Clary’s new runes or what the Clave will do when they find out as we know they eventually will.

Supposedly there’s a Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times.” It looks like our heroes’ lives are about to get interesting.

3.5 out of 5 Demonic Impurities

Parting Thoughts:

I’m glad they haven’t swept Clary’s grief or Alec’s guilt under the proverbial rug after one episode. Acceptance takes time.

Maia was very conspicuously reading Jane Eyre. Is there a connection we’re supposed to make?

Exactly how old is Magnus? Seventeen thousand is an awfully high number, even if he was a thousand years old.


Jace: “The Clave is quick to persecute anyone or anything they don’t understand.”

Raphael: “Do I look like a delivery boy to you?”

Simon: “Turns out being a vampire who only drinks blood doesn’t jive really well with a Jewish mother who’s always trying to feed you.”

Magnus: “If you fail to grant time for the things you care about, you’ll forget why you’re even fighting at all.”

Maia: “Why would you be nervous?”
Simon: “It’s just my natural disposition, I guess.”

Aldertree: “What are Valentine’s little children up to?”

Maia: “I don’t have anyone that cares about me.”
Luke: “You do now.”

Luke: “What use am I if I can’t control myself?”

Alec: “I hear relationships... they take effort.”
Magnus: “I’m all for effort.”

Shari loves sci-fi, fantasy, the supernatural, and anything with a cape.


  1. The twist with Cleophas was interesting, but I didn't understand why she'd risk blowing her cover like that, killing a fellow sister out in the open where anyone could have seen her.

    The twist with the yen fen was so good. Poor Izzy. Aldertree is the absolute worst. I thought the writers were building a romance between the two of them, but he was just manipulating her.

    I'm not sure I liked the way the writers decided to address Luke's grief. What about Valentine? How did he react when he learned that the demon he summoned killed Jocelyn? Did I miss an episode?

  2. Nope, you haven't missed anything. Valentin mentions Jocelyn's death eventually but doesn't seem overly distraught. Maybe he's jealous of Aldertree's title of "Absolute Worst."

    I'm not sure what Cleophas' other options were. She could leave the other Iron Sister alive to blow the whistle on her. At least this way there was a chance they'd think she was taken unwillingly.


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