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The Flash: The Death of Vibe

"No one knows where he came from, how he got his powers, who he is. All that's known is his alias, and the last sound his victims hear. But that's not what makes him scary. What makes him scary is... you can never catch him."

Not only is Cicada a future white whale for the Flash, he's not even supposed to be here yet. The timeline is changing, and nothing feels safe.

Did you think we were done with Harrison Wells? You're never done with Harrison Wells. And he's back with a new persona: Sherloque Wells, the multiverse's greatest detective. He's the most insufferable Wells yet, but he finds Cicada's lair in moments.

Or, so it seems.

Cicada is going to provide a challenge for Team Flash. After a cursory glance at the case, Sherloque is certain it's David Hersch. This appears to be a flash of brilliance, but he's actually cheating. It's always been David Hersch on every earth.

That's because David Hersch is Cicada in the comics (pictured). But not this time.

Nora's time traveling has screwed something up, and now there's a new Cicada in town. He doesn't have a state-of-the-art evil base or a cult of followers, just a dagger that saps everyone's powers and an unbending hatred of the Flash. (If Arrow wasn't in jail, this would be a great time to call him. A non-meta could handle another non-meta. Alas, Oliver is being put through some bizarre CIA-style torture at the moment.)

Meanwhile, Caitlin's mom is a brick wall (or a brick door with no handle, according to Ralph), obviously keeping Caitlin from finding her father. Poor Caitlin. Her only family is her ice queen of a mother. Caitlin's father seems to be hiding from her. Her boyfriends always die violently. Caitlin's all alone, no matter how many times she reaches out. And when she finally finds a clue about her father, it's just a depressing suicide note.

And we have a name for our arch-villain. Orlan. He's motivated by a sick daughter and has the help of a doctor who knows all about him.

Parting Thoughts:

-Sherloque may be a humbug, but he's smart. He is the only one who can tell Nora's still hiding something about her trip to the past.

-Cicada is at the public library to read up on Vibe. This guy is not your usual super villain. We only ever see plucky heroes going to the library for research. It's like a role reversal. The hero is a working class parent, going up against a group of powerful wizards in a shiny lair.

-Remember that espresso machine that Dr. Snow and Cisco had trouble with? Sherloque uses it like a champ.

I thought these two were about to do a morning talk show. "Today in Central City..."

-This week, there's a criminal who is very earth-conscious. Elongated man never gets the cool jobs. It's easy to miss, but Ralph defeated this guy in a previous episode. It's just a rerun for him.

-It's funny when German Wells refers to Nora as Kinder-Flash.

-Someone's bugged the cameras at S.T.A.R. Labs? Things really are bad. I mean, anyone can just wander in there, I don't think there's even a deadbolt, so I'm not surprised they've been bugged.

-Cicada just flew away, like Superman. What are his powers?

Final analysis: Good episode. No complaints. And Cicada is absolutely fascinating. Five out of five corny morning shows.

Adam D. Jones is a writer and something of a speedster himself, having recently hidden one of his cats in a cupboard moments before the landlord noticed he'd adopted a second.

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