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The Flash: The Flash & the Furious

"Part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people. So, yeah, maybe some day in the future, even Thawne could change. Besides, if we don't believe in people, who will?"

Do you believe Thawne can change? Could this villain's villain ever be more than a selfish force of evil? Nora is asking herself that very question, and the answer could destroy everything.

As if that's not enough, Cisco makes a discovery that could change the life of every metahuman.

Caitlin's always the one to hit the brakes, ever since Barry started running and wouldn't listen when she told him to be careful. Now she's hitting the brakes on the metahuman cure, and for good reason. Sure, someone like Fallout needs a cure, but Caitlin knows this is a genie that can't be put back into its bottle.

I was expecting this to be a dull side plot. Mutant/superhero cures and registrations are a very tired trope, but, as usual, Caitlin and Cisco make their scenes strong. This is partly because most shows would have turned this into a yelling match (imagine all the screaming that would result if this happened on Arrow), but Caitlin and Cisco deal with it as fast friends.

Speaking of fast friends, our Villain of the Week is Silver Ghost, a classic Flash villain who's been re-tooled here to be exactly what the show needed. Her magic key fob lets her knock out the Flash (so Grant Gustin could spend more time filming Elseworlds) while stealing cars and joyriding with her new partner in crime: the Weather Witch.

But the Weather Witch would rather head directly to jail and pay her debt to society. She's changed. Cecile knows it, because she can sense it, but Nora needs the whole episode to realize it's true. It's a great moment for young Nora to see how people can learn and grow...

...but Nora over-corrects when she decides maybe Thawne can change, too.

Someone made a bot where you can talk to Nora West-Allen. The future is here. Try it.

Parting Thoughts:

-Caitlin talks about the cure with Cisco in a calm debate. Killer Frost? She just breaks his stuff.

-Also, Caitlin, it's sort of cold in Siberia or wherever you're going. Might want to zip up that parka.

-Plenty of reviewers criticized this episode for sidelining Barry, but he's always the star of the show. I enjoyed seeing team Flash shaken up.

Final Analysis: People matter. Even criminals matter. That's a good reminder. Five out of five keyfobs.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and cat wrestler. He's also something of a rally driver himself, having only hit two of the three branches on the neighbor's tree while pulling out of the driveway.

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