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The Flash: Seeing Red

"She's back to her old self, and so are you."
"No, I'm not. I don't think I'll ever be the same."

Back to Cicada. After the fun of switching bodies with Oliver and running through time to relive our favorite victories, now we're back to the dark, simple man who's creating an unstoppable challenge for our heroes.

The opening fight seems like the sort of thing Cicada should do more often. Call me a pragmatist, but cleaning scumbags off the streets is pretty much what Oliver does. For a moment, Cicada is almost an ally to our heroes. But he's on a warpath, not caring who he kills, and no one can figure out how to track him. No one's even close.

I was glad to see that, at last, someone thought of shooting Cicada. I'm not a fan of violence or anything, but since he dampens meta powers it makes sense to ignore meta powers and try one of those fancy laser guns they keep around. Apparently it takes a lot to bring him down. I honestly don't know what his powers are, but he's a brick.

The show does a great job of moving the plot through different locations and characters without losing momentum. The excitement doesn't die down when we enter the courtroom, where we get to watch Cecile explore her powers. Danielle Nicolet creates a strong character you can't take your eyes off of, and she's also very funny.

I remember when she was on Family Matters.

Killer Frost is cool, right? So tough. Unflappable. But behind those long lashes and cold eyes she's actually very afraid. If you think about it, she barely exists. Just an attachment to Caitlin. One dose of that cure, and she's gone like a melted icicle. (When you're a reviewer, people expect you to make puns like that.)

Barry's plan, gathering the metas together in one place, has a very significant flaw. In video games, sometimes you get into a plot where you have to gather so many artifacts before the villain can get them. Guess what happens every time? The villain shows up, just as you gather the last one, and takes them all for themself. Not a single gamer was surprised when Cicada showed up to slaughter all the metas that were hiding in the same room. It was like Barry was making his job easier.

Which is almost bone-headed as Barry and Excess ignoring Cicada and a nearly-passed out Killer Frost so the bad guy could escape. I loved this episode, but that wasn't a moment of tactical genius.

Parting Thoughts:

Once again, Norah's education is a little ridiculous. She claims to have taken a neuro-science class in the fifth grade. Education isn't exactly moving in that direction.

-Lots of green in this episode. Green walls in the nurse's home. Green lights flooding the room where they gathered the metas.

-Frost's blade (her frostblade?) is as cool as her cocky grin.

"The timeline is malleable." That's the nugget from Nora's journal. Is that true? Or is Thawne lying to get his way?

-Barry and Nora eat a lot of tacos. I only own one comic with the Flash in it, and he eats a bunch of tacos in that one.

Final Analysis: Despite some tactical oversights, this was a solid story. Four out of five broken white boards.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and cat wrestler. He's also something of a taco eater himself, but my editor says the punchline of this joke isn't safe for work.

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