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The Flash: The Icicle Cometh

"All this time, we've been trying to figure out how Killer Frost disappeared, but we've been looking at it all wrong."

It's time to unravel the mystery of Killer Frost, who might be the best part of The Flash. But given the lengths to which Caitlin's mother has gone to hide the facts, it's obvious that we're not in for a simple family reuinion. Buckle up, and zip up your parka while you're at it.

Cisco lost his powers. But not really. He can zip his friends to and from the North Pole with ease, so he's only lost as much of his power as necessary for the plot.

Our friends, who look good in parkas, head to the secret facility where we find Caitlin's dad, waiting for her with a smile.

Too easy.

Cisco knows it. Caitlin is the brains of the operation, but it's her turn to let her feelings control her actions, just this once. Fortunately, Dr. Snow's mental fortitude returns just in time to see the Icicle go-eth.

It's fun to watch people grow and change. When we first met Killer Frost she was bad, bad news, but no one even bothers to ask if it's dangerous to have her around anymore. Not a single person on Team Flash questions bringing her back. Honestly, the team didn't feel complete without her, and now tht Cicada is getting more and more serious about his plan (whatever it is), Team Flash will need every bit of help they can get.

Meanwhile, Cecile and Ralph have a lead on Cicada. Of course, these parts of the story are just vehicles for character growth. The FEMA investigation gives us a chance to see Cecile in action, and it's hysterical when she practically begs Ralph to take her along. We've seen her powers in action and, combined with Cecile's steel spine, she's a force to be reckoned with.

And we've got the satellite back thanks to best buds Iris and Nora, who could not have taken longer to get Sherloque's clue.

Parting Thoughts:

-In real life, nothing makes me feel like violence faster than someone implying what they mean when they could just say it outright. And they always blame me for the misunderstanding. In the same way, why didn't Sherloque just tell them to look for the crashed satellite in the water (which is sort of an obvious place to look) instead of singing his tea song all afternoon? I am getting the idea that I wouldn't be friends with him.

-Apparently, those French lyrics mean "It's the rowing sport which leads us, which leads us. It's the rowing sport which leads us to the heights."

-Caitlin's dad mentions a few scientists off hand that he kept in touch with. One is Victor Fries, who we know from Batman comics as the Iceman.

-No one can survive absolute zero. Sure, maybe the cold metas, but anything even approaching absolute zero would immediately kill everyone, even the Flash.

Final Analysis: Three stories told in a very satisfying way, and we've got Killer Frost back! Five out of five awkward family reunions.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and cat wrestler. He's also something of a meta human himself, having recently survived being touched by his wife's cold feet.

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