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The Flash: O Come, All Ye Thankful

"You lost your father, right? And then you find him, only to discover that his body is being possessed by a icicle demon who's trying to kill all of Team Flash, yourself included. Not great, right?"

Cicada is the most human villain from the Arrowverse. TV writers love to make the bad guys have their own side of the story, usually with disappointing results, but Cicada is the first villain I can remember who seems like a real person you might meet on the street. And as someone who drove a clunker of a pickup for twenty years, I definitely felt kinship with Cicada when he opened the green door of his otherwise red pickup.

While the sad story of his life plays out, Team Flash enjoys a picture perfect Thanksgiving... until Sherloque reminds them there's not much to be thankful for.

I'm glad The Flash takes time for the holidays. It's a show about family, after all, and this week we remember that even criminals have families. Tough guys have daughters that melt their tough guy hearts.

Cicada (or Orlan) struggled when a little girl appeared on his doorstep. (Not his daughter, apparently. My bad.) When he can't think of anything to feed her for breakfast but three day old Chinese take out, it's easy to feel sorry for him.

But as much as I sympathize with Orlan, his hatred for meta humans is silly. He has every right to be angry about Grace getting beaned by the Thinker's satellite, but he should be able to tell that the good guy metas are helping more than they're hurting. It would make more sense for him to join Team Flash or become a vigilante instead of killing every single meta.

Meanwhile, Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow have learned how to casually chat with one another. That sounds fun. Caitlin hasn't had a single win in her life. She's actually a tragedy, but she masks it with a sweet smile that makes you forget she's living through trauma. This bond with Frost is the best thing she has.

Villain of the week: Weather Witch. She wants her father out of prison, and/or to kill him for some reason. She's been hiding a lot of hatred and apparently only felt like she could do something about it when meta tech landed in her hands. She would have benefited from a nice Thanksgiving meal growing up.

As usual, Killer Frost saves the day. This time, by convincing everyone to enjoy Thanksgiving. If she can make the most of it after spending most of the year unconscious, than anyone can dig down and find a reason to be thankful.

Parting Thoughts:

-Sherloque doesn't understand Thanksgiving. They should have chosen Christmas, which, as we learned previously, happens on every earth.

-After one episode of Nora being happy, now she's on the warpath again.

-Why couldn't the Flash take the wand from Weather Witch before she started her tornado? Sometimes the show wants me to forget how fast he can move.

-Grandma Esther's cooking has made for some wild stories.

Final Analysis: I am a sucker for the holidays, and this is a fun story. Five out of five unwashed pans.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and total nerd. He's also something of a weather wizard himself, having recently figured out only halfway through his drive home which of the sticks behind his steering wheel controls the wipers.

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