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The Flash: Memorabilia

"I want you to think about the biggest secret in your life...I want you to imagine what would happen if that secret got out. Remember when you asked me that?"

The opening flashback is epic, and not only because we finally know the proper spelling of schway. Nora's been lying to everyone, all of us, and the stress is about to rip her apart.

Meanwhile, Iris is starting down a path that feels too much like an inescapable destiny.

Barry's insistence that Cicada is a human is what makes him special. When your chips are down and your luck is out, you'll be praying for someone like Barry to believe in you.

The memory machine is a crazy thing, and it's obvious to the audience that Sherloque has something up his sleeve. Nora needs to protect her lie, so she jumps in alone. It's the only way she can keep secrets while also contributing to the team. But spinning too many plates gets her trapped in Grace's head.

Meanwhile, no one ever listens to Caitlin. She said Grace might have a unique brain problem that would lead to an threatening situation. Which is exactly what happened. Folks, listen to Caitlin.

Grace's line, "I know, but I've been listening," is downright bone-chilling. She's adopted Cicada's wicked point of view, and it's truly frightening to realize Nora's trapped in her thoughts. It reminds me of the kid from The Twilight Zone who sends people to the cornfield.

When the excursion is done, little has been gained. Once again, team Flash has a complicated, thorough plan that completely fails. But this time Nora came away with a bit of knowledge. It's not clear how knowing the layout of his living room is going to help, but it's something.

The subplot this week is about Iris getting an office so she can kick off the Central City Citizen. Now, I've heard some bad business plans, but starting a newspaper hasn't been a good idea for a very long time. It's like starting a telegram service or the pony express. But I suppose it has to happen since this has been predicted since the first season. And I suspect it's more an of online publication than a newspaper.

You've got to love Sherloque's investigation into Nora. He's got her number and he's playing her like a violin. Unfortunately, future Wells is playing her, too, and he's got her dancing to scary tune.

Parting thoughts:

-Sherloque isn't bad on the ice.

-"Sickada" is actually a pretty good name for a band.

-I reall wish HR could have seen the Flash museum as a success.

-The phones in the Flash museum ring with the theme song of the show.

-Cicada made a LOT of pancakes.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and cat wrestler. He's also something of an ice skater himself, having recently slipped on an ice cube and managed to only spill coffee on one pant leg.

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