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Only Murders in the Building: Open and Shut


We've found enough evidence to finger the killer, but our heroes have a little more sleuthing and a lot more danger to face before putting this season to bed.

A classic whodunnit ends with a single scene where the investigator sums up the crime and illuminates the killer, but on Only Murders we have an entire episode to wrap it up in an exciting style.

The evidence is strong, but not enough to build a case. Not to worry, Charles is on it. It hurts him to accuse his girlfriend, but he puts together a powerful plan and nearly takes her down himself, hoping his use of stagecraft can outmaneuver Jan. Sadly, once again, his acting isn't quite enough to save the day.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Mabel find enough evidence to make a real case. It's a little annoying that they wouldn't have figured it out if Jan hadn't labeled her poisons. Awful nice of the killer to provide the final clue.

The ending sequence is delightful. Steve Martin shows off his acting chops by stealing the show even when he can't move, and it feels really good when Mabel punches Jan in the face.

And just like a good ol' serial, we wrap things up just in time to find a new dead body.

Say it together, everyone: "This sends the investigation in a whole new direction."

Under the Microscope:

-Tim says he was in the elevator with our main characters for 23 seconds. That number shows up a lot in TV shows.

-Finally, someone pointed out that if Jan was attacked by the killer, why is she alive? Her stabbing was pretty suspicious, but we didn't explore that before now. If you can't tell, it really bugs me that the show obscured these details.

-Jan doesn't like being second place. In the last episode, she said she didn't want Charles to be second place to anyone. It's her thing.

-I told you to remember Mabel's dream of killing someone with knitting needles. Which she seems to have explained on her podcast. Things don't look good for her.

-Could Charles really tell that Jan's bassoon playing (from the first scene in the first episode) was a recording? Did he really notice that and not bring it up until now?

-I'm amazed that Oliver knows how the gizmos in the basement work. I'm also amazed he knows how elevators and ballpoint pens work.

-A setup for a new murder mystery is nice, but seeing Charles connect with Lucy is a real treat.

Final Analysis: Fun ending and a great setup for more. 5 out of 5 gut milk cartons.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and cat wrestler. He is also something of a detective himself, having recently discovered his missing laundry. (It was still in the washing machine.)

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