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The Flash: Goldfaced

"There's always a Wells."

You've got to hand it to Thawne: he's bad to the bone. From a prison cell in 2049, he can reach back 20+ years and control history, even confidently screwing with the mind of Sherloque, a man he's never met.

And, at last, the meta-human cure is almost ready. It's the weapon that can stop Cicada, but it's not going to be easy.

Barry has a good attitude about life's challenges. He hears about a difficulty headed their way (they need to hold down Cicada for a whole minute) and immediately encourages his team to start brainstorming. A lot of shows have their characters brood and complain for a few seasons before they get anything done, but Barry keeps his chin up.

If you're the sort of person who likes brunette women then you're already watching the right show, and you'll be delighted when Miss Adler shows up, played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley in five different roles.

Casting Director: Ron Swanson.

Goldface. That's a name that's hard to take seriously. It's also hard to believe this large and well-organized criminal element hid under the city for so long. But the gun show provides an incredible dramatic moment. Just seconds after Barry decides he's okay with loosening his morals, he stumbles onto a set of cop-killer guns. His conscience can't catch a break.

Also, Goldface looked a lot different when he faced off against Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight.

I love talking about technical details that tend to bore people, so I'm sorry if this gets dull, but the lighting on The Flash has consistently been excellent. I noticed some very hard (bright) lighting on Iris's face in one scene, and then realized it made sense because she was facing a window. The person across from her was relatively low lit by comparison. That doesn't sound like an important detail, but being consistent with these basics is why The Flash looks better than most shows on the air.

You'll see more excellent lighting when Iris breaks into Cicada's house, a move she didn't learn from reading Sun Tzu or from any book assigned at West Point. Also, General Custer called and said her plan was half-cocked and lacked an exit strategy.

Meanwhile, Sherloque isn't the only person with a bigger heart than he expected. Ralph couldn't go through with the heist once he realized it would hurt a child. Ralph, you're not half the tough guy you pretend to be. Everyone knows it, but we're glad you figured it out.

You know who else has heart? Cicada. Iris distracted him by destroying the doll house, and it nearly defeated him.

Parting Thoughts:

-Kimberly Williams-Paisley plays each of her roles as competently as Tom Cavanagh performs every incarnation of Wells. It's a crying shame she didn't stick around.

-Speaking of lighting, remember how I mentioned all the green in a previous episode? We've seen lots of green-tinted windows and shadows this season, and I wonder if they were foreshadowing Barry's attempt to be more of a vigilante, like his hero, Oliver. It never works. Barry, you're a hero. Act like one.

-The cappuccino machine strikes again. Caitlin and Cisco struggled with it at first. Sherloque took to it like a fish to water when he first arrived, but his love-struck heart can't figure it out anymore.

-Once again, Barry saved the day with science! Nerdy Barry is the best Barry, and I'm glad nerdy Barry is back for season five. He even called himself "The Chemist." What a nerd.

-Remember how bad Barry was at softball? You'll notice he really struggled to toss that brick to Ralph. Bereft of powers, he's just a spaz like us!

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, cat wrestler, and something of a vigilante himself, having recently stuck it to the man by sneaking a half bag of Skittles into the theater.

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