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The Flash: King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd

"Soon you will only know my will. THE WILL OF GRODD."

Every Grodd episode is a good episode. I always look forward to them. This one even lends itself to the main story as we get to see the meta-human cure in action for the first time.

Team Flash's nobility is admirable. They say the metahuman cure will always be a choice. Of course, it seems like they're going to make an exception for Cicada. Caitlin is understandably upset when they kind-of-sort-of forget to ask King Shark for permission.

Grodd is so sinister that it's fun to watch. You have sit back and be in awe at how much he accomplished with only one minute of mental freedom provided by the Enlightenment. That's all it takes for him to escape Argus and wait for his chance to attack Team Flash, who he subdues in a few moments. This gorilla might be the most dangerous person in the Arrowverse.

I'm glad we get to have Iris deal with her truama. It's fun that heroes are full of grit and can face their fears, but it's also nice to see a normal person dealing with normal, serious feelings. I had a near-death experience while driving that ended up with no one getting hurt. The cars never even touched one another. Everything was fine, but I've never driven that stretch without remembering how I felt when an 18-wheeler bore down on me. I can't imagine what Iris must be feeling when she goes to work.

(Having said that, I think she can run her blog website without an office. May as well sell it.)

Of course, the return of Joe West is very welcome. He's absolutely the best. And he's walking around and being himself again. The Flash wouldn't work without him, which is strange to say since he's not from the comics. That's also true of Harrison Wells. Yes, the Reverse-Flash is a major villain from the comics, but Wells is original to the show. That's two characters who started with the show and pretty much hold it up.

Crossovers are what make these stories fun, so Lyla's visit is a nice treat. Especially without the rest of Team Arrow, because we get to see her character shine in a different way. It's interesting for her to meet Nora, because Arrow is also dealing with a title character's future daughter at the moment.

Parting Thoughts:

-If Dr. Tanya Lambden didn't look familiar, that's because they used a different actor from her previous appearance.

-Team Flash seemed... surprised that King Shark was found at the wharf. You know, where the water is. Then they were confused when they couldn't immediately see him once they got there (because he was... wait for it... under the water).

"The computer says King Shark is in the water."
"That is so weird."

-Grodd may have looked vindictive when he hanged King Shark from the crane, but that's how you stop a shark. Hang it upside-down and it'll get paralyzed. Grodd is smart enough to know this might be the only way to stop a nigh-unstoppable shark beast. Once again, we're torn between rooting for Team Flash and admiring Grodd's ability to win.

-This also gives Barry and Nora a chance to be geeky science nerds when they wake up King Shark. If you've been reading my reviews of this season, you know I love that stuff. A hero in a story should do more than just gird up their loins and punch really hard when they need to save the day. Isaac Asimov said that science fiction heroes needed to be problem solvers, and that's much more satisfying than watching Arrow yell at his friends.

-Wally is in Tibet. Apparently. He sort of disappeared from the Legends, which is a shame.

I want to know who makes King Shark's pants. I just went jean shopping and came back empty handed, like every other 6'6" guy. And King Shark's pants are about two hundred sizes smaller when he is cured. I can't even find pants that fit before and after dinner.

-Cisco mentioned Jaws: The Revenge. That's infamously awful movie. Interesting choice. The shark effects are hysterically bad in that one. Is this a reference to the fact the The Flash couldn't afford enough CGI to make this episode look perfect, but they made it anyway? Hey, it's a fun episode, so I'm glad they went for it.

-Caitlin criticizes Cisco's snack while... sipping on a martini?

-We've started in media res a few times this season. Not my favorite technique in a TV show.

Final Analysis: A satisfying romp with our favorite really big baddies. Four out of five incredible shrinking pants.

Adam D. Jones is a writer and historian. He's also something of a monster wrestler himself, having recently sustained only minor injuries while untangling his cat from the curtains.

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