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The Flash: Failure Is an Orphan

"Something very big is coming. Or someone."

Instead of making us wait until the finale for something big, Team Flash is already making their stand against Cicada.

This is very satisfying as a viewer, since we all hate waiting, but throughout this episode you might get the feeling this is all to easy, that something is waiting around the corner.

And you'd be right.

I'm going to, once again, be thankful this isn't Arrow. On that show (or anything written for HBO) we'd have an entire season of people screaming at each other over the ethical implications of the meta-human cure. On The Flash, the disagreements happen between friends, friends who are as passionate about their relationships with each other as they are about saving the day. This is refreshing.

Our heroes even wrap up the discussion before the season's end. So we don't have to watch endless episodes about the same thing. Good job, writers.

There's more good news. Joe's back, which means it's time to crack the case. Sherloque is pretty sharp, but Joe's the real investigator. He's got cop instincts that none of the mighty brains on Team Flash can match, and it only takes him a moment to realize Cicada's getting medical help. Tracking down Cicada's helper blows the case wide open... but, fate doesn't like to be messed with, and the timeline pushed back twice as hard.

Villain of the week: Acid Master. He farts with his hands or something. How does Barry initially stop him? Chemistry. I'm telling you, season five is the best because Barry gets to be a nerd again. That's where the show started, and that's where the show is the strongest.

The show's pretty good at its villains, too. I often say that a show about heroes is only as good as the bad guys they face. Cicada has been a complex and inpenetrable foe, but he's a puppy compared to his replacement, the new Cicada, who, unlike Dwyer, does not have a heart of gold beating underneath her costume. It's Grace, Cicada's niece, all grown up an ready to kill. Team Flash, it's back to square one.

Parting Thoughts:

-Cicada and Barry both have future daughters invading their lives. I hope Team Arrow is taking notes on how to deal with this.

-It's endlessly amusing how short Cecile is, especially next to Joe. She's wearing heels and still looks like she could fit into his coat pocket.

-Cicada stops an attack with an invisible force field. I think. I honestly don't know his powers.

-Appealing to Cicada's legacy seems like a strange move. He's never seemed to care if people think he's a terrible person.

-We are treated to three heart-to-heart talks. (Most of the time, an episode should only have one.) The Flash drags when they pile those up, and that trend is going to grow in the next few seasons.

-The staccato stings on The Flash theme during Barry's talk with Cicada are a wonderful take on the main theme.

-Caitlin talks about stitching up Cicada's chest like... she might not do it. Of course she would. Caitlin is pure of heart and simply the best person ever. But that doesn't mean she doesn't hate Cicada a little. Being good is sometimes a struggle, even for people like Caitlin.

-I don't understand future Wells's prison cell. Apparently he's on death row but gets to use a computer that shows him changes to the timeline.

-Nora's wearing yellow. Maybe to symbolize she's working with Reverse-Flash.

-Caitlin reports that Frost hasn't seen any metas in the underground. Apparently Killer Frost has her own nightlife. Does Caitlin get to sleep?

Final Thoughts: A great story, but the slow conversations make it drag. Still, the ending got me on the edge of my seat. Four out of five red hoodies.

Adam D. Jones is a novelist, historian, and cat wrestler. He's also something of a meta-human himself, having recently survived being hit by a Tesla and emerging unharmed. He was in his SUV at the time, but it's still neat.

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