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The Flash: Legacy

"I always wanted to be a hero... that's why I came here... I believed I could do the impossible, but I never imagined it would turn out like this."

We've reached the point of no return, and only Ralph has figured out that Team Flash can't stop Cicada II's murder spree without falling into Thawne's evil trap.

On the lighter side of things, Cisco tells his new girlfriend his secret identity. Refreshingly, Kamilla is the first person in TV show history not to whine about their SO keeping a secret like this. It's obvious why a superhero would conceal their identity, and TV writers always wrench too much drama out of it.

Meanwhile, Sherloque, following Ralph's cues, puzzles out why the dagger shouldn't be destroyed. Team Flash puts out a noble effort to cure Grace and stop Cicada II while preserving the dagger, but it won't work. That blade has to go, and that means Reverse-Flash is on the prowl.

But Team Flash is ready, and it's very fun to watch them throw the kitchen sink at him. Surprisingly, Thawne's learned a new trick or two, which is a fun inversion on the way these things usually go. Typically, like a video game, the main character gets better and better (levels up) while the villain stays the same. Not so with Thawne, who can split himself in half now. But it's not enough, because not only has the Flash leveled up, but his team has grown larger. Not even two Thawnes can handle them.

But... as usual, he's one or two (thousand) steps ahead. He's the only one who was prepared for the fact that Nora shouldn't exist anymore, and he knows exactly how to save her when she starts to fade. Despite her track record for making bad choices, Nora makes the good and difficult decision not to save her own life by entering the negative speed force, because it would turn her into a monster. Good job, Nora. When it really mattered you got it right.

In the wake of her sad departure, and Thawne's escape, Cisco decides to take the cure. No more Vibe. I'm not disappointed with this, because I never liked how his powers worked. He could transport people, touch things and learn about them, locate anyone in any universe at any time, hit people with concussive blasts, and other stuff as the plot demanded. I thought he was too much of a Swiss army knife. Back to saving the world with science.

And then there's the wonderful scene with the chief. As he hands over the reins to Joe, he reveals his knowledge that Barry Allen is the Flash. He is a detective, after all. I began to suspect this after he was way too lenient with Barry, and I'm glad it was true.

Now all that's left is to face Crisis. Whenever that is...

Parting Thoughts:

-Why does Thawne say Ralph should be dead? In the first season, Thawne mentions Ralph as a victim of the particle accelerator. He's only alive because of Flashtime, which changed a few things. Being from the future, it's not clear if Thawne always knew Ralph would become the Elongated Man.

-So, the solution to Ralph's problem is just to blast him? That seems too easy.

-Killer Frost's crack about Hallmark movies is hilarious. Most of the Arrowverse actors have done Hallmark films (common hazard of being in actor in Vancouver), but Danielle Panabaker takes the cake by starring in four of them.

This is the best one.

-Why did the mirror gun turn Ralph into a muppet?

-Fun to see CCPD's frozen walls, still chilled from Killer Frost's duel with Cicada. Nice detail.

-That guard who gave Thawne his ring really hit the idiot jackpot. I'm glad Barry and Nora turned back the clock to save the guards, but that guy was too dumb to live.

Final Analysis: Not only a satisfying conclusion, but also a great benchmark for how far Team Flash has come in five years. Five out of five season fives.

Adam D. Jones is an author, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of an elongated man himself, having recently been asked by two different people to reach something on the tall shelf at Target.

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