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The Flash: The Girl with the Red Lightning

"Grace has everything she needs."

Cicada II's plan to kill every meta-human in the city is almost done. Unlike her father, Grace thinks big: she's gonna wipe 'em all out with the push of a button.

Meanwhile, Future Wells is ready to face his execution. A little too ready, if you ask me.

The cryo-atomizer is the bomb-like thingy that will destroy the meta-humans. Not schway. But, not to worry, Cisco's got a magic gun-like thingy that will destroy it. Whatever.

Now, since Cicada II is using a sort of bomb, wouldn't it be convenient if all the meta-humans gathered in one place? Well, voila, the CCPD invites all of them to wait in the police station lobby so they can get the meta-human cure. Cicada II really has it easy.

The question of "will metas want the cure?" is finally answered. The newscaster announced the cure and ten seconds later CCPD is crammed with metas ready to be normal again. Hard to say if it's because their powers are too much of a burden or because they don't want to be murdered. Also, I have to wonder why Cicada II is bothering to kill them at this point. If they take the cure, they're not metas anymore. Seems like she can just ignore this group. And why not just jab everyone with the cure instead of killing them?

Nora's eye changes and her rage have been confusing for me, but now they're making (some) sense. For some reason she's linked to Grace, and she's spent time in the negative speed force. Combined, there's some bad, bad science in her system. Mind you, that isn't 100 percent clear to me, but it's clear enough to work for a comic book story.

Cicada II is pretty scary, but apparently all we needed was Kimberly Williams-Paisley to throw a bench at her. A magnokinetic meta-human (as Sherloque put it) is pretty danged powerful, so she could have been a sweet addition to the show, but how many brown-haired ladies can join Team Flash? (Quite a few, judging by the next season.) It's hard to believe Sherloque didn't go with her into the breech, but he's dedicated to the team. And he clearly expects to see her again. After marrying her countless times, he's finally glimpsed happiness with the right one, and you can tell he's ready to leap after her once this trouble with Cicada is over.

In terms of the big story, Team Flash doesn't seem to be paying attention to what's been going on. Ralph has shown time and time again that, despite his goofy exterior, he knows how to be a gumshoe, so it's annoying that Team Flash ignores him when he says he's on to something. And he is. He's cracked the case wide open and no one notices. For a group of people dedicated to being a family, they really aren't trying to communicate.

And, once again, Iris wonders if they made the right decision leaving Nora out. Guys, has leaving her out EVER been the right thing to do? She doesn't handle that well. This time she uses some goofy tech to connect to Grace's mind, which turns hers into a lightning bomb. (Then Barry rips the device off her head without bothering to make sure it's safe.) Barry and Iris need to stop pushing her away. It never works out.

In the end, we finally see Thawne's game. He's wearing Grace's dagger. Or he's been saddled with it. In the future, the police have probably discovered this is the only way to keep Reverse-Flash in his cell. Team Flash, easily manipulated as always, are trying to destroy it, not realizing it will free their greatest enemy.

Parting Thoughts:

-That jerkwad guard who keeps electrocuting Wells is a loser.

-Cisco says, "Hold on to your butts," in a fun shout-out to Jurassic Park, which I am old enough to have seen in theaters. At some point they mention Dante's Peak, from 1996. I'm not sure who wrote this, but I bet their knees pop when they stand up.

-Barry is worried Cicada will find out where they are. But aren't they always at S.T.A.R. Labs? Not much of a secret.

-I had trouble concentrating on Cisco's explanation because Iris's skirt was stealing the show.

-Thawne's speed force is fueled by... negative emotions. If that's possible, then I want Ray Palmer to invent a positive speed force that's fueled by being nice and watch the two of them battle it out.

-The police chief has some really old books behind his desk. Does anyone else get distracted by old books and try to read their titles?

Final Analysis: Good plot development. Boneheaded move on CCPD's part, and Barry and Iris have got to stop pushing Nora away. Sheesh. Watch your own show. Three out of five technobabble 3000s.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He normally fills this space with something clever, but his deadline won out.

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