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Forever Knight: Be My Valentine

"Love? A blip on the monitor of involuntary human response. A hiccup of emotion when compared with envy. Hatred. Lust."

At last, Nick and Natalie decide to risk it all. But La Croix is lurking in the shadows with a centuries-old grudge to finally settle.

Over seven hundred years ago, La Croix met Nick's mortal sister and fell madly in love, and he would have turned her into a vampire if Nick hadn't intervened.

Surely, after centuries, he's forgotten about this, right? I mean, I had a mad crush on Agent Scully when I was a kid, but I eventually moved on. No so much with La Croix, who has been carrying that bitterness all this time while waiting for the perfect moment to destroy Nick's happiness.

Of course, La Croix spoils Nick's happiness every week, but this time it's specifically romantic happiness that La Croix wants to ruin. He's been waiting a long time. The moment we see him in the police station, observing Nick's behavior with Natalie, we know things are about to get ugly.


This flashback is an extension of the present-day story, which is a nice change from flashbacks that only have similarities or symbolic counterpoints to the main story.

La Croix is very different from normal in these memories. Season two really opens up his character, and sometimes the evil mask slips just long enough to see a real man underneath. La Croix is capable of falling in love. Is he also capable of being a good person?

Little Bites:

-So, Nick's family lives in a castle? That's cool.

-The killer librarian is actually an interesting investigation, but it's overshadowed by the rest of the story.

-Nat gives Nick a sterling silver pill case. Apparently he takes pills she's given him, but that never amounts to anything. The interesting thing here is that silver is often said to harm vampires. It's never done that on Forever Knight, so we'll have to assume that part of the lore isn't true for our favorite Toronto vamps.

-Ever notice how often TV characters rent out an entire restaurant? Seems cool, but this is done because it's expensive to pay extras, and without an explanation it's weird to see empty seats everywhere. Thus, every show has a rich person who reserves every table.

-This is Natalie's first time to meet La Croix. She's heard of him, but never expected her dinner reservation would lead to their first face-to-face. Since La Croix has an odd and nearly romantic obsession with Nick, it's like meeting an ex-lover or competitor for his affection as well as an evil, soulless mastermind.

-La Croix is having too much fun explaining why he enjoyes opening champagne. "The pressure release. The fine spray." Dear goodness.

Final Analysis: It's exciting to watch Nick and Nat jump into the deep end, and it's always fun to explore La Croix's journey. Five out of five empty restaurants.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of a hopeless romantic himself, having recently purchased a squeaky pig toy for his kitten.

1 comment:

  1. Not quite an origin story, but really gives LaCroix more background than as just the jerk who keeps annoying Nick. Nigel Bennett is great in this episode.
    Also a good Natalie episode. Although the ending where she has apparently stopped loving Nick seems a bit too quick and easy. Maybe there was a scene with some hypnotism that got cut?


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