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Forever Knight: Faithful Followers

"When will you learn Nicholas, that this quest of yours is a hopeless one, that it will only cause you and others misery. Normally I hate to lose but the look of utter foolishness on your face almost makes it worthwhile."

This week, Nick goes undercover to investigate a cult...and things probably won't go the way you think.

The Luminogists seems like decent people. Sure, they're a little odd, but they come off as affable neighbors who keep to themselves and stare at lamps for inspiration. I've seen worse religions.

But Nick's joined their ranks to find out if something sinister is going on. Unfortunately, this cult is a bad fit for him, because their devotion to the sun is going to exploit Nick's weakness. The treatments their leader dishes out (placing stickers on foreheads and talking about positive thinking) somehow makes Nick feel better. He may have finally found a cure his vampirism, and, as usual, that's where things fall off.

I think. To be honest, it's very unclear if the cult ever gets their talons in Nick. The transformation during his session certainly seems like he was under a spell, but later he acts like he was faking it. Similar to "By the Light of the Moon," the audience is teased with the possibility of Nick being under someone else's control, but in retrospect we are not told exactly what happened.


Does Nick ever learn? In the past, he was suckered by La Croix and another vamp friend, lured by the promise of an ancient cure. Judging by the end of this episode, it seems like he did learn from these experiences.

Little Bites:

-Vampire Lore: LSD doesn't work on vampires. Which is predictable since he doesn't really have a working circulatory system. And it's interesting that he can smell the chemicals but humans can't. Vampires are hunters, after all, capable of sniffing out their prey like the best predators. Also, we learned that vampires can get tattoos, but they disappear in a day.

-We got a glimpse of Nick's mad money. It's impossible not to laugh at Schanke's bug-eyed stare when he sees the bank account.

-This cult worships the sun, right? So why don't they ever go outside?

-I know I gush over Janette a lot, but it's damned sexy when she sits through a tattoo session in her goth gear just for the pain.

Final Analysis: There's some fun stuff in here, but overall the plot is unclear. Two out of five pixie cuts.

Adam D. Jones is an author, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also something of a cult leader himself, having come to believe that his cats follow him to the food bowl out of a sincere, religious obligation.

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