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Forever Knight: The Fix

"If this is the cure... give me the disease."

This episode is a blast.

But the opening is a downer. Once again, the entire precinct is in shock when a cop everyone knows and loves (but we've never seen before) turns up dead.

We simultaneously watch this guy blow his brains out while Natalie works on a cure for Nick, for once. This is supposed to be what they do together, but it hasn't come up in a long time.

The two scenes have nothing in common, but that's never stopped Forever Knight from cramming them together to make a confusing intro. Still, it leads to an unforgettable episode.

Nat's found a cure! But it comes at a price. For starters, Janette warns that the vampire community might see this as a threat, and Natalie isn't happy to realize she's suddenly enemy number one of the vampire community.

Good one, Nick.

But seeing our favorite vampire in broad daylight is too much fun. But just like the time detective Monk gets on drugs that make him "normal," Nick isn't himself on this medicine. He's tripping on goofballs and seriously endangering an investigation, which could place Natalie and Schanke in the crosshairs of the mob. Oops. That's the sort of thing Natalie should put in the fine print.

My only beef is that we never develop this incredible discovery in the future. Nick doesn't keep a vial around in case he has to go out during the day. Forcing the cure on vamps who are too violent. Natalie doesn't perfect the formula or work on it ever again.


For such a memorable episode, the flashbacks are awfully forgettable. Possibly because this isn't the only time Nick works with a Dr. Frankenstein-esque figure. And possibly because not a lot happens, other than Janette saving his bacon AS USUAL.

Little Bites:

-I visited Toronto and found what appears to be the same hot dog stand where Nick didn't pay for his food. It was a big day for me.

-The scene where Nick eats spaghetti while Schanke panics is going to live in your memory forever. Once you see that scene, you'll never approach Italian food the same again.

-La Croix mentioned "those who keep our secrets," which makes me think he's talking about the Enorcers. It would be fun if they ever showed up again.

-You might confused when they say the dead cop has a great "bunco" record since bunco is a dice game, but in Canada that's what they sometimes call the department that handles fraud.

-Your average coroner isn't able to use a tunneling electron microscope, especially when they were still shiny and new devices. Natalie is an outstanding doctor, to say the least.

Final Analysis: Half of this episode is unforgettable. The other half isn't. Three out of five possibly relevant lens caps.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He is also something of a miracle healer himself, having recently used a stamp when he couldn't find a band aid.

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  1. I really do love that spaghetti scene. I want to think the mob guy only tried to take out Nick because he interpreted the taking off his plate as some sort of demented power move and he figured it demanded retribution, not because of this "getting too close" nonsense


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