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Forever Knight: Crazy Love

"We all have our needs... and it's been so long..."

Once again, we've got an episode that is practically a Law & Order script. An escaped mental patient is wanted for murder, but what if he didn't do it? Mostly it's a forgettable investigation, but we do get a fun peek into the lustful lives of vampires.

The investigation here is a little dark for my taste. Even though the show is about murder and vampires, this episode's killer is just too realistically wicked for my cozy vampire show. And the main plot doesn't really involve vampires. Sure, it reminds Nick of people he killed, but there is nothing fun about watching the protagonist feel guilty. This is also my main beef with Arrow, because as the seasons went on it was just Oliver Queen grumbling, "This is my fault."

The fun part is Nick and Janette getting it on. Ever wonder how vampires do it? In the season one episode "Last Act" we watch Nick and his actress friend bite each other to make love. It's been a while, but we're finally back to vampire sex. Nick and Janette might have a little voyeurism streak since they meet outdoors and drink each other's blood in a public display of eroticism. I'm guessing if you caught them in the act it would be the last thing you saw.

Of course, Nick calls and apologizes to Janette. He has to feel guilty every few seconds for some reason.


Not a lot going on here. Nick killed someone. He feels guilty. La Croix says not to feel guilty.

Little Bites:

-Schanke says, "Get this to Artie in forensics." Artie showed up in one episode and was played by John Kapelos's relative. They were on-screen rivals, which is hilarious, and I really wonder whose idea it was to mention him here.

-We finally found something that scares Schanke. Psychiatrists.

-Janette asks Nick to stay with her for a day, for things to "be as they were for a brief time." Even though she broke off their "marriage," she has made it clear in season two that she deeply loves Nick.

Final Analysis: I'm glad the season ended with Nick and Janette in each other's arms, but the meat of the episode leaves a lot to be desired. Two out of five weird camera angles.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He sympathizes with vampires since he often keeps their hours.


  1. Yeah it's a bit of a shame this didn't turn out be any better a season ender than the production order's, IMO. Having seen both now I think Blood Money definitely is a slightly better choice for it.
    Anyway thanks for incidentally finishing out the season before I caught up. I wasn't even planning on that when I decided to rewatch again. What a spectacular season 2 it was. See you next time

    1. Season 2 is certainly my favorite. Janette is more human, more vulnerable. Her love for Nick threatens to break apart her facade while his love for her threatens to send him back to the darkness. It's a wonderful story.


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