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Forever Knight: A More Permanent Hell

"Life will always find a way to cheat death. Life is the enemy we cannot defeat, only cling to like parasites on the living flesh of the universe. Hoping that we're not noticed and brushed away with a flick of the hand."

When a world-killing asteroid threatens the earth, we see just how an apocalypse would affect the vampire community.

You might think the plot is a bit stale. After all, an asteroid threatening all life on earth has been done before...

...but this was 1995, before Deep Impact and Armageddon. Heck, Buffy wouldn't be a TV show for two more years. Nigel Bennett talks about this on the commentary, pointing out that Forever Knight was ahead of its time.

The investigation is interesting, especially when Schanke realizes he's made some good money on his stocks and Nick starts to get an itch about the case, but we're mostly here for the vampires.

As expected, some of the vamps are just turning into monsters. Why hide anymore? La Croix is dismal, as usual, but he's also lost in his memories. After all, this isn't his first apocalypse...


Two important things happen in ancient Rome.

First, it's a flashback from La Croix's point of view. Fun. And it's his conversion. In Pompeii. Just before Vesuvius blew. This is big stuff.

But there's more. Divia. The freaky vampire child. She's... messed up. Divia, you may notice, is not like other vampires. She's especially evil, so evil she frightens La Croix, which we haven't seen since he met Jack the Ripper.

Vampires don't always know what's going on, just like the rest of us. Sure, La Croix always acts like a walking dictionary of vampire lore, but sometimes he runs into mysteries even he can't comprehend.

Don't worry. This isn't the last time the memory of his daughter will haunt him.

Little Bites:

-Vampire Lore: Devoid of food, vampires will (according to La Croix) eventually starve to death. Older vamps will live longer, but it's just going to be hell for them.

-This episode was directed by John Kapelos, who plays Schanke. Well done, John.

-Since the world's coming to an end, Janette wants one more ride on the Nick-coaster. But he's too into his case to stop for a booty call, and she moves on rather quickly. Janette doesn't have time for his dramatics when the world is about to end.

-La Croix's monologue about the meteor that killed the dinosaurs is divine. Young actors should study that just to see how well a science lesson can be recited.

-Natalie's "hold your nose and scuba dive" dancing is just adorable, but her logic is spot on. Why not become a vampire and try to outlive the pending disaster?

Final Analysis: Neat idea and a great exploration of vampire lore and La Croix's dark past. Five out of five amazing monologues.

Adam D. Jones is a writer, historian, and undefeated cat wrestler. He's also something of an astronomer himself, having recently found his tennis ball on the roof.


  1. A great episode, but again I think much better in DVD order as the second last episode of the season. We finally get the "origin story" for LaCroix, which would have been a nice teaser.

    Near the beginning Schanke tells Nick he should be playing the stock market because he's rich. Works in DVD order, but not if this comes after Blood Money where Nick lost it all.

    The astronomers in the opening scene are all wearing white lab coats. Because otherwise we wouldn't know they are scientists. Aaargh.

    The scene where Janette tells her bartender that Natalie is "not my friend" actually makes me wish we had seen Natalie and Janette have an in-depth conversation or two, like Natalie and LaCroix in Be My Valentine.

  2. The labcoats are pretty funny. I have no idea what the director thought a labcoat was used for in a planetarium.

  3. Wow, THIS should've been the season finale instead of Blood Money. It just has that feel. And Lakrwah being sired by his daughter is an awesome origin, along with an interesting idea proposed by Natalie that there might be an Age of vampires that would be unaffected by an extinction event, though there wasn't a proposed solution to their blood supply dying off.


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